Is Halloween Cancelled?

Posted on September 29, 2020 by Stephanie Triplett

Halloween is a holiday loved by many and celebrated by even more. It's a time where children are their favorite characters and time when adults choose to let their creative juices flow. On the contrary, it's no secret that Halloween, COVID-style, is going to be different this year. Let’s talk about how it's going to look this year and how you and your whole crew can celebrate it safely and with style.


While many states such as NJ and NY are still waiting for mandates and regulations appointed by their governors, it seems as though both want Halloween to continue, just in a way that is safe and suitable for everyone. Both governors Cuomo and Murphy have canceled major Halloween events and encourage virtual parties while discouraging traditional trick-or-treating.  

Meanwhile, in California, it's residents have been on a roller coaster, having already seen changes regarding Halloween restrictions. Gov. Newsom first banned trick or treating earlier in the month but has since revised that ban and has recommended against trick-or-treating instead.

In states like Florida and Missouri, there haven't been many regulations put in place thus far regarding Halloween. The consensus seems to be that trick or treating (or like activities), costume parties, and haunted houses are not recommended, and mask-wearing and social distancing are to be followed regardless of the activities people participate in. Most states have canceled their major Halloween events per the CDC’s guidance.

CDC Recommendations

The CDC has made several recommendations concerning Halloween this year:

  • Face masks for costumes should not be worn unless they are made of at least two layers of breathable fabric. 
  • Placing Halloween masks over CDC approved masks is not advised, as it can make it difficult to breathe.
  • Traveling to fall festivals outside of your community is not recommended if you live in a place with community spread.

The CDC has created risk categories and places major activities accordingly. 

Here are some highlights:

Lowest Risk Activities: Include virtual parties and Halloween activities done in one’s home and then displayed through a window like a pumpkin carving 

Moderate Risk Activities: Include small outdoor gatherings where social distancing is possible. Trick or treating is considered a lower risk if goodie bags are placed at the edge of driveways and left for pick up. 

Higher Risk Activities: Include traditional trick-or-treating (or trunk or treating) where treats are handed to people directly or a place where the same surface is touched repeatedly by many. Indoor costume parties and activities that may include screaming are also in the high-risk category. Some activities at fall festivals like hayrides are also included.

With Halloween still over a month away, it’s likely for the CDC and each gov to update their recommendations and policies as the holiday nears.

Costume Ideas

A face covering is a must this Halloween, so we recommend making one that goes with your outfit-- Find some mask inspo here. Options like skeletons and animals like lions and unicorns are easy to transform into COVID-friendly costumes. Include any accessories and alter your CDC approved face mask by adding jewels, feathers, and other fun trims that are lightweight and non-evasive in a way that would inhibit masks to remain flush to the face without slippage or gapping. Some popular costume ideas thus far include the tiger king cast, girls from the 2000s, Tiktok stars and influencers, and a quarantine couch potato.

How to Celebrate 

Halloween is not canceled, and here are some safe ways to celebrate:

  • A virtual party with friends including costumes, and other Halloween activities.
  • Enjoy Halloween activities in your home with your household.
  • Venture to fun activities with your family where social distancing is enforced, like outdoor activities.

Keep it safe and fun this Halloween by staying with your pod or celebrating with friends virtually. It’s tempting to throw caution to the wind, but it’s important to consider your health and safety as well as the safety of others. However, you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, do it mindfully. Also, for crafters with extra time on their hands, this is a great time to explore moods curated list of costume patterns

How are you and your crew planning to spend Halloween this year?

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