Maple Culottes Redux - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Lee Norris

I'm seeing sequins everywhere and with more and more collections giving off some vague Roaring Twenties vibes, I don't think they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. Personally, I cannot rock a drop waist to save my life, so in lieu of a vintage-style flapper dress, I chose to try a more modern take on the much-loved fabric. Mood's Maple Culottes seemed just the thing, and with a few minor tweaks, these gorgeous rainbow stripe sequins were giving off some party vibes of their own!

Fabrics & materials used:


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Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

For this version of the Maple Culottes, I added a layer of lining since the sequins are on a very transparent tulle.  While it was 100% necessary, I chose to simplify the waistband on these, cut out the front fly entirely, and substitute a center back zipper. This meant simpler shapes to copy when cutting the lining, and it meant no tricky sequin sewing along the front of the pants - just a basic center front seam.

One of the more visible alterations I did was the side seam slit. Sequins look better with movement, so why not build some organic movement right into the garment? I simply sewed about 5/8 of the way down the outer seam of the pant and then stopped. It's that easy! The tulle didn't need to be hemmed, but I did opt to give the cupro lining a small rolled hem.

Have you given the Maple Culottes a try yet? I'd love to hear about your project and any alteration idea you had. Let me know in the comments below!

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