Mood DIY: Cinco de Mayo Inspired Crop Top

Posted on May 4, 2017 by Lee Norris

Cinco de Mayo is here! For a festive DIY, I wanted to create a blouse inspired by these gorgeous embroidered crop tops. I went with an ivory border eyelet, which had some great shapes to work with, a vibrant sateen lining, and one of Mood's lovely new jacquard ribbons. The result is just begging to be worn at a beach party this season. Bring on the waves!

Fabrics & materials used:

To get the shape for this shirt, all I needed to do was trace a loose-fitting t-shirt. (I say loose-fitting so there's room to gather in the back.)

The back panel of this shirt is very simple - no extra pieces needed. Trace that first and set it aside.

For the front, We really only need to trace the top portion of the shirt, like you see above. I chose to cut mine into three pieces and cover the seams with ribbon. If you choose to do this, be sure to include seam allowance. You could also still add the ribbon without including the seams.

The bottom portion of the front is a 7" rectangle, measuring at 3/4 of my model's bust size.

I added this strip to the bottom front of the shirt, adding a 1/2" pleat every inch and a half, like you see below. This seam is also covered with some jacquard ribbon.

Next, I attached the front and back of the blouse, and a shirt began to take shape! To finish the armholes and neckline, I sewed more ribbon around each edge, right sides together.

I then flipped the ribbon inward and hand-stitched it to the lining.

The final step was the hem. I sewed a 3/4" hem, which gave me enough room to insert the elastic cording.

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