Mood DIY: Easy Sequin Capelet Tutorial

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Lee Norris

Who doesn't love shiny things? The second these large paillette sequins went up on, I had to snag some.  They can be used in so many ways - as an A-line dress, a simple skirt. Personally, I was picturing a gorgeous capelet.

Fabrics & materials used:

The first thing I worried about when getting this fabric was how exactly I'd be sewing it. Wouldn't the sequins get in the way constantly? Luckily it actually wasn't too difficult.

First, I cut out my pattern from both the sequins and the charmeuse, which is ultimately just a circle skirt with a cut down the center front. If you've never made one before, there's a great tutorial below. Simply substitute your neckline measurement in place of the waist measurement and you're good to go! After cutting down the center front, I also curved the front corners, like you see above.

For the actual sewing part, I removed all the sequins within about 3/4" of the edge of the fabric. Next, I pinned the sequins and charmeuse with right sides together, sewing around about 90% of the edge of the cape. About 6" along the neckline were left open so the cape could be turned right-side out.

Lastly, I slip-stitched the neckline closed and edge-stitched around the entire cape to finish it up! For closures, there are even more options; a great clasp, an easy toggle, maybe a brooch? For this one, I laced some ribbon through the neckline so it could be gathered and tied.  How would you choose to close yours?

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