Mood DIY: Embossed Vinyl Bike Satchel

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Lee Norris


Have you noticed a trend with the last couple blog posts? It's bikes! Tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day, and we're not just celebrating with bicycle prints, but accessories as well!


For this versatile roll-up pouch, I used Mood's brand new Bourbon Floral Embossed Vinyl and lined it with an olive colored organic cotton twill. The pattern pieces are incredibly simple: just a 15" square with a 1" addition for the front flap, and two 4" circles.


I lined the pieces first, so a little pop of green shows between the seams on the side. This meant sewing the vinyl to the twill with right sides together and flipping it out through a small opening. To close the openings for the sides, I made the top of the circles flat and top-stitched. I then lined up the flat part of each circle to the bottom of the main pouch panel and sewed them together around the circle, until I hit the flat edge again. The flat edge then becomes the opening of the pouch, like you see below.


Once the bag part of the pouch was done, it was time for the ties. I decided to make them out of the twill, to add some contrast, and 4 gold buckles. The two straps attached to the front are about 20" long, so they can wrap the bottom and top of the satchel, before fastening with the buckle.


The straps on top are for attaching the bag to the bike. These are a little thinner and only about 7" long.


I sewed mine directly on the top of the flap, in line with the front straps, so they loop through each other when they're both closed.


All in all, it was a quick and useful DIY, and it holds a surprising about of stuff! It's great for phones, keys, notepads, a water bottle - anything you might need when you're biking to work tomorrow!


The best part is, it's detachable. So you could fit it onto your handlebars, behind your seat, or even on the frame. Plus, you can easily attach a shoulder strap and take it with you on the go!


Special thanks to TCO Shop for letting me showcase this DIY on one of their beautiful electric bikes! Look how gorgeous it is!


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