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Mood DIY: Fabric Covered Lampshade

I've been staring at a blank lampshade for a couple years now (boring, I know :), so I decided to finally to do something about it.  I knew I wanted something with a splash of yellow that would compliment the throw pillows I had created.  So, with less than an hour of time and a yard of fabric in a great graphic print from Mood, I created a splashy solution that completely brightens up my living room.  Tell me what you think?  Fabric Covered Lampshade 1 Fabric Covered Lampshade 2SUPPLIES:  lampshade, a yard of light- to medium-weight fabric, scissors, fabric glue, pencil, and spray adhesive. Editor's note: Cotton home décor fabrics work well for lampshades like this. Fabric Covered Lampshade 3HOW-TO: 1. Wrap your lampshade in your fabric, then take your pencil and mark 1.5 inches past the point where the fabric meets the other side. 2. Being conscious of where you want your pattern to lay, mark 1 inch with your pencil at what will be the top and bottom of the lampshade drum. 3. Cut out your form -- it will look like this. 4. Lay out some newspaper, and spray your lampshade with the adhesive (Note: It's best to do this outdoors; but if you must do it indoors, be sure to be in a well ventilated area). 5. In addition to the shade, spray your fabric with the adhesive, along with dotting it with the fabric glue for added security (Note: I added the fabric glue because I realized my spray adhesive was only temporary). 6. Carefully wrap your lampshade in the fabric -- I started in on the seam, so I could end there as well (Note: It was immediately fast drying, so I had a few seconds to play around with it to get it right). 7. Glue along this seam that you started and stopped on, then fold back the flap so you have a neat edge -- now press it into place. 8. I wanted my print to line up as best it could....here it how it looked along the seam. 9. Lastly, glue along the top and bottom edge of the drum, and then fold the fabric down, like a hem (Note: If you want it to look really neat, fold it down twice -- feel free to use the iron if you need to). Voila! Fabric Covered Lampshade 4

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