Mood DIY: Faux Leather Travel Bag

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Lee Norris

Baggage. We all have, we all need it. This is one bag I now cannot live without. From the super soft pebbled leather to the extra (perfectly) long shoulder strap, this is the perfect carry - on bag for any traveler.

Fabrics & materials used:

The structural pieces for the bag are pretty easy - one large 22"x48" rectangle for the main panel (or a 22"x36" and a 22"x12" rectangle if you'd like to sew your front flap on separately) and two 6"x15.5" pieces for the two sides. The bigger piece forms the front, bottom, back, and front flap; once the sides are sewn on, you're already left with a basic, but usable messenger bag. We're going to add some cute details though!

The black faux leather I worked with has both the look and feel of real leather, however its weight is similar to that of a lamb hide. This makes it drape beautifully for fashion purposes, but a little on the light side for bags. Luckily, a little wool felt could fix this problem!


For each panel I cut of black faux leather, I cut the same shape from the felt. I added a little spray adhesive to one end of each felt piece and lined it up with the end of its matching leather section.


Once the end was secure, I was able to spray the remainder of the pattern piece and evenly roll the rest of the faux leather into place.


Before attaching the outer bag to the lining, I added magnetic snaps to each of the sides so that they could be expanded if I needed to pack a few more things. Who can say no to more souvenirs, right?


I also pinned a tab of fabric with an o-ring between the lining and the main bag, just over the magnetic snaps like you see below. Then the chain, which I braided with an extra scrap of the red faux leather, attached to the ring as a strap.

Once the lining was secure (I sewed it right sides together, left a small opening toward the front of the bag, and flipped it right-side out to finish it off with some top-stitching), I wanted a little something to hold the flap closed and also give me a place where I could easily store a scarf or light sweater. I made two long strips of the pebbled faux leather, attached each to a buckle, and an easy belt was created! A little stitching at the bottom of the bag and behind the front flap kept them in place.

What's a travel bag without a matching toiletry bag though? This adorable pouch went together in ten minutes!


I sewed a zipper to the short ends of a 10"x20" rectangle. This left me with a sort of tube with a zipper in the middle. I could easily have sewn up the sides and called it a day with a simple flat pouch, but I wanted something a little more interesting.

DSC_0931I cut a 2" square from the bottom of the bag and sewed down the sides until I hut the square. Instead of sewing around the square, I flattened the sides together, like you can see below and sewed across them.

And just like that, a cute travel set! Are you going to try making your own? There are so many sizes and shapes you could try, I'd love to hear what style you'd make yours. Tell me below!



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