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Mood DIY: Free Beaded Crop Top Sewing Pattern


You might hear 'crop top' and think of slouchy tees or cutoff tanks, but it's not difficult to put a sophisticated spin on them. The crop trend has made its way to the forefront these last couple years, and for good reason. They can be easily dressed up or down, with a midi skirt or high-waisted pants, and they leave the door open for some great accessorizing. For today's DIY and free pattern, we'll be adding some beads into the mix.

Fabric & materials used:

Beaded Crop Top Pattern Layout


I lined the shirt in the same fabric as the outside, although this was just personal preference; I knew I was looking for a crisp, sleek look.


Since the entire shirt is only made up of a few panels, it goes together fairly easily and is very simple to alter if need be. For example, the front is comprised of a middle panel and two sides. I added two bust darts to reduce a little fabric at the armholes. Other alterations could include tapering the bottom a bit to be more form fitting.


The back panels go together similarly, and attach to the front at the shoulders and sides. The collar gets folded downward, in half, and attached to the neckline with 1" knife pleats. I made each side go in opposite directions so they meet in the middle with a box pleat.

This is also the point where you can attach your lining. Once the collar is pinned or stay-stitched in place, place the lining over it so it's sandwiched between the lining and the outer fabric. The armholes and base can also be stitched closed.


For the trim, I kept it simple and only added it to the neckline and hem, however this is where you can truly get creative! Create swirling designs or even add some trim along the seams. Be sure to tie off the ends of the trim though, to avoid losing beads and sequins!

DSC_0969What alterations would you make to this pattern? Would yours be more tapered or have different trim? Tell me your ideas below! DSC_0986



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