Mood DIY: Free Overall Sewing Pattern

Posted on April 11, 2017 by Lee Norris

The temperature has officially hit 70, which means the winter is behind us and I'm refusing to look back. Some high-waisted shorts seemed appropriate for today's DIY, but once I saw that the patchwork denim was so darn cute I knew I wanted to use more of it. Two hours later, I had a pair of overalls!


Fabrics & materials used:


  1. Begin by sewing the front shorts panels to their respective side panels, and repeat for the back.
  2. Attach the two front halves of your shorts at the rise (the center seam that typically holds the zipper). Again, repeat for the back.
  3. To attach the front and back of your shorts, sew along the inseam, as well as about halfway up the sides. The remainder of the sides will be sewn when you insert the zipper.
  4. Here, you can decide the desired length of your shorts and add the cuffs along the bottom hem.
  5. I finished the bodice pieces and straps with simple rolled hems. Another option would be decorative binding, piping, or trim.
  6. Once the edges are finished, sew your bodice panels into the top of your front and back waistbands.
  7. Sew your waistband pieces over the top of your shorts.
  8. Insert a zipper on either size of your shorts, beginning at the waistband.
  9. Lastly, sew your straps onto the back of your overalls.For the front, it's best to use no-sew overall buckles. They don't take any extra tools, which is a plus. The backing pierces through the fabric and is covered by the button, which snaps into place. The hook part is attached to the strap by simply sliding it on if you'd like it to stay adjustable. You can also hand-stitch it into place if you'd prefer.

What are your thoughts on the recent overall trend? Will you be making a pair of your own?

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