Mood DIY: Free Zip-Off Suiting Vest Template

Posted on October 19, 2017 by Lee Norris

We're all looking for that perfect transition piece. In the Fall, I become a huge fan of vests. They're great for that in-between weather where you don't quite need a jacket yet. Layer one over some long or 3/4 length sleeves and you have a comfy and stylish autumn outfit! For even more versatility, you can try this easy zip-off vest, which gives you two great looks!

Fabrics & materials used:


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Template should print 4 pages across and 6 down. There's a 2" test square on page 1 to help you scale your printer accordingly. This vest was made for a size 8 and does not include seam allowance, but I strongly recommend creating a muslin first to make any necessary fit adjustments.

The template comes with lining pieces as well, so you can choose an interesting contrast fabric. I went with Mood's new taffeta lining which drapes beautifully and has a super smooth face.

For the upper vest, sew your darts first, following the dotted lines on the template. Then, attach the front and back pieces at the shoulders and sides.

The lining goes together similarly, with #4 and #5 going together to make a similar shape to #1, and #6 and #7 fitting together for the back lining. In this step, the only darts are in the top and bottom of your back lining piece.

The outer layer of the skirt are made up of the same four panels, meeting in the center back and both sides. For the lining, pieces #8 and #9 get sewn together to line the side/front panels of the skirt, while the two pieces cut from the lining with piece #3 line the back section of the skirt.

Personally, I chose to turn the top of the vest right-side out and slip-stitch the armholes closed, but you can also do this on your machine.
To insert the zipper, attach it first to the right sides of your vest top and skirt and sew about 1/4" from the teeth.

To finish your garment, slip-stitch the lining to the wrong side of your zipper.Iron your finished vest and proceed to try on 10,000 outfits to see which way you love it more! Do you like the zipped or unzipped version?

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