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Mood DIY: How to Draft a Bridal Robe Pattern

Getting ready the morning of your wedding is stressful enough; with a minimum of ten thousand things to worry about, you may as well be comfortable! This gorgeous silk robe was easy to draft, and it only took an hour to put together, so you can check one thing off your To-Do List in just an afternoon! Fabrics & materials used: The robe is made up of three simple panels. I kept mine very rectangular to get the drop sleeve shape, but you could easily modify yours to the silhouette you'd prefer. The front is two pieces, each side should be the width of 1/4 your waist size. I then added three inches to each so the robe has a bit of flow. The same math was used for the back, but I placed it on the fold so it's all one piece. The panels are then sewn at the shoulders and up the sides, but be sure to leave a 12" space toward the top for sleeves. For my sleeves, used this gorgeous guipure lace. It has a nice weight and looks absolutely stunning. The length is entirely up to personal preference. This one is about a yard long, with 10" lace trim sewn around the hem and then top-stitched. The last detail is a simple 3" wide belt. I cut two strips along the width of my fabric, so my belt was ultimately about 3 yards long with a seam, in the center. The finished product is beautiful, comfortable, and feels totally luxurious. Will you be making your own? Which trim are you thinking about using?
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