Mood DIY: How to Make a Patriotic Fabric Wreath

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Lee Norris


With the holiday weekend coming up, everyone is going to be making their yards more festive! Why not make yours stand out with a cute, handmade touch?

This adorable patriotic wreath takes less than an hour, and virtually no sewing skills! What could be better?

Items you'll need:


Begin by marking your 16" foam ring at each quarter, and wrapping one quarter with the dotted ribbon. I pinned all of my ribbon on, but you can easily make your design permanent with a few dots of hot glue. The benefit to pinning would be that you can move things around before you're sure you're happy with their placement!


The tighter you wrap it here, the less you'll see the ribbon design, and the less space 2 yards will cover, so I wrapped it almost as far apart as I could make it, without styrofoam showing.


For the remaining 3/4 of your outer circle, cut the combed cotton into 3" strips and wrap the ring the same way you wrapped it with the dotted ribbon. Cut several inches of burgundy jute trimming and wrap it around the areas where the fabric meets the ribbon, to hide any raw edges. The jute comes pre-pleated, which is super cute!


The inner ring is incredibly easy; simply wrap all 5 yards of your navy grosgrain around the entire thing! Once both rings are covered, the small circle should fit perfectly inside the larger. Hot glue in a few places toward the back keeps it in place perfectly.


For the ribbon roses, bunch up a few inches, like you see in the first photo below, and then wrap the ribbon around the bunch once. Twist the ribbon like you see in the 4th photo, and wrap it around the bunch again. Repeat until your rose it large enough.

Wreath Rose

The jute flowers, if you'd like them to all be unique, take a bit of trial an error. For some, I left the trimming pleated, wrapped them up, and pinned the bottoms. For a few others, I took out the pleat stitching. The creases remained, but they were much looser and easier to manipulate. For those, I was about to make some petals a bit more voluminous, and even added some buttons to the center.


The flowers were then added the same way the ribbons were - with pins! This is where straight pins are the best, since you can move the flowers around as much as you want to try out different designs.


To finish, you can simply tack on a few inches of extra satin ribbon up top, so there's a loop to hang your final project! So what do you think of this DIY? Which holidays will you be making a fabric wreath for?



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