Mood DIY: Leather Cord Tacos

Posted on August 31, 2017 by Brandhyze Stanley

Not quite a year ago I showed you how to make little leather cord keepers (here) to keep all your cords straight during your day-to-day and your travels. However, I recently came across these super cute leather "cord tacos" from THIS GROUND  at CB2 that were $30 bucks for a multi-pack set, so  wanted to do an update. Being the DIYer I am I thought I'd make my own, and while I'm at you how you can too. They are quick, practical, the perfect gift....and oh-so-easy. Enjoy!

SUPPLIES: Leather, compass cutter, awl, snaps and snap kit from Mood, hole punch, and a rubber mallet

1. Using your compass cutter, go ahead and cut out your circles (Note: My circles had a diameter of 3.5 inches across, so 1.75 inches on my compass cutter).
2. Next, fold your "taco" in half to easily find the center, and then mark towards the top where you want your hole to be.
3. Then, take your hole punch and punch the holes you marked in the previous step with your awl.
4. Using the pieces that come with your "snap kit," take your mallet and install the both parts of the snap. Now, you're all set!

Brandhyze Stanley is the chief leather goods designer and creator of Brandhyze + Co. A DIY girl at heart—Brandhyze has been featured on Dr. Oz, The View, The Today Show, InStyle Magazine, Essence Magazine, and MTVStyle. A Wilhelmina Model for over a decade, with a Business Degree from Loyola University Chicago, Brandhyze has provided DIY content to the popular How-To Site, eHow; and has been a contributor for the Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Super Money, Good Housekeeping, and Newsday Westchester, to name a few. Brandhyze is a lover of leather and a mixer of textiles, follow her on Instagram @BrandhyzeandCo.

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