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Mood DIY: Leather Fringe Skirt

People often ask me where I get my inspiration for my DIY projects, and the honest answer is...."everywhere."  For this one, I think I was doing a modeling job one day recently when one of the designers came in with a leather fringe skirt, and I thought....how funky, gotta have it!  So, in addition to the leather fringe heels I made here (which I won't be wearing at the same time as the skirt, just an FYI), I wanted to add another cool leather piece to my wardrobe as we head into fall, and Mood Fabrics NYC had some really supple faux leather to help me achieve the look.  (Also available online at MoodFabrics.com.) How to wear it into the new season?  Just add some tights and a chunky sweater and you're all set. Tell me what you think below. Leather fringe skirt made with faux leather from Mood Fabrics. Leather fringe skirt made with faux leather from Mood Fabrics. Leather fringe skirt made with faux leather from Mood Fabrics.SUPPLIES: Skirt (I got this one really cheap at H&M, or you can make your own), faux leather, leather studded trim, straight edge, glue, rotary cutter, scissors, and a tape measure. Leather fringe skirt made with faux leather from Mood Fabrics.

HOW-TO: 1. Fold your faux leather in half and lay it out on a flat surface. 2. Measure the length of the front of your skirt, seam to seam (mine was 14 inches across).  Then cut 3 sections of the folded faux leather, each 7 x 14 inches. The length is determined by the length of your skirt, and you may want to be a little more generous with the width to avoid my mistake I made of it being too short once you put it on). 3. Leaving the folded edge across the top, cut each of the 3 sections into 1/8 in strips with a 1/2 in seam allowance. 4. For safety, lay out the 3 sections before you glue them down. Once you know where you want them to go, start from the bottom and put a line of glue across top seam of 1 of your sections, and press it into place. I let my fringes hang about 1.5 inches over the skirt's hem. Repeat this for the other 2 sections. 5. Lastly, measure the width of the waistband of your skirt, cut a piece of trim the desired length (again, try it on before you cut), and then glue it into place. Leather fringe skirt made with faux leather from Mood Fabrics.

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4 thoughts on “Mood DIY: Leather Fringe Skirt”

  • Rachel

    I love your skirt and all your creations. I am really wanting to make an inspired version of this Alice & Olivia feather peplum dress. Here is the link:

    What could I use for the feather peplum? I have looked at various possibilities online at Mood Fabrics, but I am not coming up with anything.

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