Mood DIY: Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Posted on March 28, 2016 by Lee Norris

Whether you need a quick gift idea, or another cute way to organize your tools, this mason jar sewing kit is the perfect DIY project. It's main feature is the pin cushion lid, which can be used with a mason jar of any size, so you can easily upgrade your kit when your tool and notion collection grows out of hand!


Things you'll need:

DSC_0458 (2)

Begin by cutting a large circle from your fabric. The larger you make it, the larger your pin cushion can be. This one below is about 8" across.


Put a handful of stuffing in the center of the wrong side of your fabric. Place the insert of the mason jar lid on top of the stuffing, and begin pinning the excess fabric beneath the lid, like the photo below.


Here is where you can decide the size of your pin cushion. Add enough stuffing to make sure the fabric of the cushion stays taut. Once you're happy with the size and amount of stuffing, pin the remainder  of the fabric below the lid insert. Put the insert back into the screw-on lid, and pull the cushion through the top. The cotton may need a little adjusting here, but once it lays correctly, glue it flat against the bottom of the insert. To make it a little neater, you can cut a small circle of cotton or felt, and glue it over the extra cotton. Make sure it's thin enough for the lid to still screw onto the jar though!


And that's all it takes! Add some notions and your mini sewing kit is ready to be gifted or decorate your now-organized work space!



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