Mood DIY: Men's Longline Shirt w/ Faux Leather

Posted on May 20, 2016 by Lee Norris


I decided to try something new today!

As a costume maker/DIYer, I always get a bit nervous when I try something different fashion-wise, but this longline tee was surprisingly simple to put together. Plus, Sewciety can definitely use more menswear posts!

This shirt called for a yard of Mood's Playing Cards Combed Cotton Poplin, 3/4 yard of their Black Fashion-Weight Faux Leather, a pack of Wrights 1/2" Double Fold Bias Tape in brick, and two 9" zippers.


I used an old shirt to easily draft a pattern. Of course, I had to keep in mind that a knit t-shirt stretches, while cotton poplin does not. To compensate, I added about a half inch to each side as I traced (in addition to 1/4" for seam allowances).


For the sides of the shirt, I added a whole inch so the fit would be just slightly looser than the original knit.


To get the crew neck shape, I cut an additional 4" from the neckline in the front.


The extra length of the shirt is created almost entirely by the faux leather extension, so after tracing the original tee for the pattern, I also cut four 25"x9" rectangles, with a slight curve on the bottom. After adding two at the bottom of the shirt panels, I pinned the zippers before adding the other two on top, with right sides together. These were each basted, flipped right-side out, and top-stitched with red thread. The most difficult part was over!

longline 1 DSC_0041

All that was left at this point were the sleeves and neckline. Rather than finish them with a rolled hem, I added on some double-fold bias tape for some extra color. In the end, it really tied the shirt together and looked super clean.

DSC_0044 longline 2

Originally the plan was to have the zippers only go up to the end of the faux leather, but I had them extend into the print just a little bit. This way there's more of a difference if the wearer decides to go for a flared or more fitted look.


So what do our readers think of the final product? I certainly had fun making it; and obviously Matt loves his new shirt!


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