Mood DIY: Reading Pillow w/ Homemade Piping

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Lee Norris


Are you prepared for Mother's Day? If you're one of the many looking for a last minute gift that you can DIY, look no further. This handy pillow can be used as a cushion, a carrying tote, a bookmark, and it can hold your pages open while you read! Plus, if you're feeling adventurous, you can make a matching cover tote!


Things you'll need:

As far as fabric panels go, you'll need to cut a 14"x18" rectangle from the gray wool for your pillow backing. The front consists of another 14"x10" panel of wool, a 14"x8" panel of cotton sateen, and a 7.5"x10" cotton pocket.


After cutting out your fabric, it's a good idea to start with your piping, which is much easier to create than it would seem. The trick is to use an invisible zipper foot, so you can get your needle as close to the drawcord as possible. Simply fold 3 yards of your ribbon over the 3 yards of the cording, and sew. The end result is quick and flawless pipe trim!


Cut off 10" of your newly made piping, and add it to the top of your pocket panel like you see below. This creates a nice, crisp edge that contrasts nicely against both fabrics.


Next, sew the two front panels together with a section of piping and the pocket between. Your layers should go: cotton (face-down), piping, pocket (face-up), wool (face-up).


Now that the the front of the pillow is complete, it's time to get started on the back. One piece of ribbon goes straight down the center, with two diagonal pieces caddy corner from each other.


It's not necessary, but it it's a good idea to staystitch the ends of the ribbon here so they don't shift when adding the zipper and front facing of the pillow. You can also add a small handle to the top of the pillow, like so:


DSC_0276It's easiest to add a zipper before the other three sides of the pillow are sewn together, so once the front and back facings are compete, the zipper is next!


As you're sewing the zipper to the front of the pillow, you can add some more piping, and continue it around the pillow's perimeter as you sew it completely shut.


With just a few embellishments, you've made a pillow into a comfy, helpful accessory! The center ribbon can keep your book in place, while the side ribbons will hold your pages back.


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