Mood DIY: Sewing an Easy Beach Cover Up without a Pattern

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Lee Norris

Having trouble matching a cover up to that perfect swim suit you just bought? How about making one?

This simple gathered tunic can be made in less than an hour (really!), and all it takes is a couple yards of whatever fabric you're currently in love with. Try your own with a linen, voile, jersey, or even a chiffon!

Fabrics & materials used:

First, you'll need to cut your linen to the size you want your cover-up to be. Two yards, folded in half, is typically enough to cover to a person's mid/upper thigh. The width is where you can mix things up. The wider you make it, the longer your sleeves will be and the more fabric you'll have gathered at the waist. My finished tunic was about 45" wide.

Before anything else, I recommend starting by hemming around your entire fabric to keep your edges from fraying.

Next, you'll need to add four grommets to the garment, two in the front and two in back. This is easiest with the Dritz Plier Kit, but it can also be done with a hammer.

Mark each of your desired grommet locations. I went with 20" up and 10" in. Cut a small hole and fit the front piece of a grommet through.

Be sure you insert it from the right side, toward the wrong side.

Cover the grommet with it's backing and secure it with the pliers (or a hammer and applicator kit).

Lastly, I created the neckline. This is another area where you can play around with the design. Try a chic and simple boat neck or deep V - possibilities are endless!

For the neckline I made, I cut the lower section from the main fabric and used it like a pattern.

I then traced and cut two of the same shape, adding seam allowance. I stitched them together around the inner perimeter, turned it right-side out, pressed, and attached it to the main panel of fabric.

The final touch was a length of ivory and metallic cording for a belt! The project took about 45 minutes and gives off some sea-rious breach-ready vibes.

Are you going to be giving something like this a try?



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