Mood DIY: Zippered Full Circle Skirt

Posted on March 6, 2014 by Brandhyze Stanley

St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it, and what better way to show a little holiday spirit than to rock your green with pride?  I opted to create a Full Circle Skirt with a zipper that is super cute, and was super easy.  To get it done, I grabbed a few supplies -- like this great green ponte knit fabric and zipper -- from Mood Fabrics, and knocked it out in just a few hours. Got plans to celebrate? Tell me how you'll "dress" for St. Patty's Day, below.
Zippered Full Circle Skirt 1
Zippered Full Circle Skirt 2SUPPLIES: 1.5 yards of green ponte knit, cardboard or tracing paper for pattern, scissor, rotary cutter, pencil, straight pins, a zipper, straight edge, and a sewing machine.
Zippered Full Circle Skirt 3Want to skip the math? Let us do it for you with our Circle Skirt Calculator!

1.  Fold your fabric in half, and then in half again (the fold is along the bottom of this picture, and essentially you have 4 layers right now), and place your pattern on top. (Note: if you need a refresher on how to make your own circle skirt pattern, see my tutorial here).
2. Next, cut your skirt out and open it up.
3. After that you'll want to create your waistband, so double up your fabric and cut out two long rectangles (mine were 25 in x 1.5 in).
4. Pin your two pieces for the waistband together, right sides facing.
5. Give yourself about 1/4 seam allowance and sew either side your waistband -- you are creating a tube of fabric.
6. Turn this tube you created inside out (so you are looking at the "right" side now).

Zippered Full Circle Skirt 4HOW-TO CONT'D:
7. Lay your skirt out -- right side down -- and then take your zipper to estimate how long of a slit you'll need to cut. Then, use your rotary cutter and straight edge to make the incision.
8. Fold your opening for your zipper back about a 1/4 in and then pin your zipper in place to both sides of this opening.
9. Sew the zipper in place.
10. Take the waistband you completed in Step #6, and pin it on your skirt opening.
11. Next, sew this waistband on.
12. Finally, do any finishing touches you might need to connect your waistband to your zipper, and you are all set!
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