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Posted on November 29, 2019 by Molly Hannelly

Backpacking through Europe, you stop in a Spanish cafe. The scent of strong coffee wafts, fogging the windows on a rainy afternoon. You lean back in your seat and flip through postcards, memories of Prague and Paris drifting in and out. The sturdy sateen skirt you wear has accompanied you through your travels;  in Amsterdam as the sun set gently on the river; where you sat by the water in Venice sipping wine and contemplating art for art’s sake! And soon, at the bazaars of Morocco, flitting between stalls filled with well-seasoned delicacies and delicate scarves. Paired with a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket, your patchwork-printed skirt fit in beautifully at Irish taverns and British pubs, while your lacy peasant blouse made it appropriate for brunch by the Seine and quiet conversations with new friends in ancient places. From cigarette pants to boatneck blouses, allow patchwork prints to help you blend in and stand out, whether you’re just down the road or far from home. 

Traditionally, patchwork is a form of needlework where small swatches or patches of fabric are sewn together to create a new design. Although it typically involves solid pieces of fabric, fashion has a way of livening things up. Today, paisley and polka dot become one, along with stripes, animal print, chevron, and, well, just about every other print to have existed. Create your own by picking your favorite prints and meticulously stitching them together, or let Mood do the work with patchwork prints! Fashion light spring bomber jackets with patchwork print, or folksy pinafore skirts. Use patchy fabrics for summer shorts, or warm up this winter with patchwork printed blouses. 

A huge shout out and thank you to The Barrow House for providing the gorgeous background for this photo shoot. Follow them on Instagram!

The Yarrow Dress

Shavonne sports The Yarrow Dress in an eclectic patchwork that twists, turns, and blooms on a creamy surface. Rustic and romantic, this gorgeous garment features rich reds and oranges bursting with energy, a color palette seen on streets in every fashion capital. The Yarrow Dress’s flounce sleeves and ruffled neckline are prominent in the Victorian styles that have also taken the runway by storm. Pair this ostentatious outfit with kitten heels and tights for a ladylike look, or split the dress in two for a crop top and skirt set! Check out Mood’s splicing of the Yarrow and Zenobia Dresses for another take on this terrific trend.

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The Aster Pants

Brittany sports The Aster Pants in a DIY’ed patchwork print made from two Mood Exclusive prints sewn together. Stripes will never go out of style, and with a floral overlay, it truly represents the pattern play trend that has been ever-present on the runway. Slimming and sinuous, this spectacular style can be paired with a variety of garments. Throw on the D’arcy Bralette for summer festival looks, or the Iris Ensemble bodysuit in velour for crisp fall mornings. Check out the Onella Blouse in a powerful pink for professionally funky attire, or the Lyonia Shirt for a night on the town!

The Nyssa Dress

Courtney sports The Nyssa Dress in a warm patchwork print. Fluttering in the breeze, this folksy fashion flows from the body beautifully. Hitting both the wrap dress  trend, and the stylish high-low skirt, this lovely dress is ideal for showing off your curves. Whether you’re heading to the park for a picnic, or into the city for brunch, all it takes is a simple accessories switch for this dress to fit in anywhere. Check out Mood’s Adonis Accessories free sewing pattern and use the stunning corset belt to really cinch that waist!

Loving the garments but wishing the patchwork would just pick one print? Create the Yarrow Dress in a solid color for a basic statement, or utilize paisley to fashion a powerful Nyssa Dress. Would you like to leave these garments on the rack, but love the patchwork trend? Fashion the Palm Jumpsuit for an overall style that coincides with the Pinafore Collection, or the Spruce Dress for a cinched silhouette! 

How will you be using the Patchwork Collection? Let us know in the comments, and use #MadeWithMood so we can keep up with your closet!

A huge shout out and thank you to The Barrow House for providing the gorgeous background for this photo shoot. Follow them on Instagram!

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