Mood Style: Summer Peplum Top

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Nikki Brooks-Revis
Due to the fact I'm fast approaching my third trimester and my mid section is changing daily right before my eyes, I have to find more creative ways to alter patterns like increasing the width of the back which gives me more stomach room without making me look like a tent, shortening the length of the bodice and lenghtening the hem.  This also means selecting fabrics that can accomodate all the changes.  This linen like cotton from is absolutely perfect! It's light, breathable and uber comfortable.  The inventory on this fabric is pretty low but fantastic alternatives are these beauties here and here found on moodfabrics.comThe pattern used was this Vogue V8815 view D with the following alterations:- Added a 7" faced V-neck-Increased the sleeve with by 1.5" and created a pleated top sleeve

-Added a 1.5" band around the wrist of the sleeve

-Removed the opening from the back neck of the pattern

-Removed 2" from the bodice of the front of the pattern

-Added 2" to the hem of the from of the pattern


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