Mood's New Swarovski Crystals: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on September 30, 2019 by Lee Norris

Mood Fabrics' new partnership with Swarovski is a real gem. From flat back crystals to Hotfix rhinestones, Mood now has it all (and will be increasing their inventory with beads next month!).

Use the Hot Fix tool to swiftly update that old denim jacket in your closet, or keep thing steady and controlled with an intricate design on your favorite purse with some craft adhesive and Swarovski's classic flat backs and Mood's handy applicators.

Personally, I wanted some subtle shine added to my most comfortable heels for a look that's even more stunning than Louboutin's best red bottoms.

I began by choosing which shoes I'd be embellishing, but if you're personally using the Hotfix crystals on a thin fabric, be sure to place it atop a non-porous surface such as glass or Teflon.

Using the Hotfix tool, I chose the correct size tip for the size 20 rhinestones I was starting with and set some crystals face up around my work space.

The tool takes a few minutes to heat up, and then I was able to gently roll the tool over the rhinestone. The tip automatically picks up the crystal, which is incredibly helpful and time saving.

The rhinestone will begin to bubble slightly as the glue melts and then it's ready to be placed.

I rolled the rhinestone onto the bottom of my shoe and after a 1/4 rotation, the tool lifts off.

With the large size 20 crystals, I went up the sole of my shoe in straight rows. Around the curves it could be a bit tricky to get the Hotfix tool where I needed it, but luckily the rhinestones pop off the tool easily with a simple pin as well.

To finish up the red bottoms, I went back over the edges of my shoes with some crystals a few sizes smaller. Sadly, there is not specific tool head for the size 12 that I used, however there is a general flat head that can be used for any size.

Rather than pick up the smaller rhinestones with the tool, they were placed on the sole and then covered by the flat head for several seconds to let the glue melt.

The border around the edge of the sole was created by placing some E6000 with a syringe tool and draping some chain trim along it.

And just like that, I have an exquisite new pair of heels!

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