Party PJs: How to Elevate Your Loungewear this Season

Posted on February 2, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Remember the times when your closet was made up of collections for our daily activities like work, going out, exercise, etc.? Now our lounge clothes have simultaneously become our work clothes and pretty much everything else. This constant rotation of loungewear might confuse you as to what to wear when you’re joining a Zoom party or even just getting dressed up to stay inside—This is where party PJs come into the mix, so let’s talk about it. 

Party PJs are simply matching lounge or sleepwear sets with a little pizazz—Whether it be feather details or luxe silky fabrics like satin or charmeuse. A matching co-ord in a funky print or a fabric that looks and feels soft to the skin like jacquard or velvet are all perfect contenders for party PJs. Party PJs come in styles suitable for any person, like short sets, robe offerings, and long-sleeved rompers. 

Dressing up to stay in doesn’t sound half bad, actually. It’s safe to say that getting dressed up in a teeny tiny top that might malfunction at any moment or uncomfortable heels doesn't really sound as inviting as a couple of pairs of really funky and comfy PJ sets. Plus: they easily transfer from the couch for lounging to a zoom party full of dancing and meeting with your friends virtually. For those that want more of a going-out look: find your favorite nightgown and spice it up with a slip or bralette underneath.

Add some jewelry, do your hair and makeup, then finish off the look with your favorite pair of PJs or loungewear. Adding everyday essentials like a denim jacket over a PJ top with some biker shorts and combat boots, or pairing your PJs with sweaters or other layers can take your party PJ look straight to the town for a grocery run. Don't forget that styling is everything, so adding a simple knot to a PJ shirt will transform the look with ease. If you’ve got several PJ sets to work with, mix and match prints to break up the matchy-matchy look. At the very least, we all bought 1 matching set of tie-dye loungewear, and the outfit options for that are seriously endless whether you’re staying in or going out for a bit. 

Here are a few of my free sewing pattern favs:

Have a little fun with your loungewear. Being creative makes everything a little more fun and interesting. Enjoy your time at home or around the neighborhood and tap into your loungewear with a little bit of an abstract eye, and you’re sure to find your perfect pair of party PJ’s.

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