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Perfect in velvet

For the last six months, I've been in love with two things.......everything velvet and rust colored.  So when I spotted this rust colored silk velvet, my heart fluttered just a bit.  There aren't enough words to explain how much I love the silk velvet from Moodfabrics.com It's available in 10 beautiful shades to fit any application. It cuts easily, sews beautifully and even irons nicely. The dress was made using Vogue V8829 with the following alterations: -Added 5" to length and 1.5" to width of the tie and collar -Added back bodice pleats -Removed 1.5" from the scoop of the neck -Added 2" side panels in the skirt -Cut the bodice front and back on the fold removing the buttons from the pattern -Added a side zipper (necessary to get in and out of the dress) -Removed the buttons from the skirt -Added 3 inverted pleats to the wrist with a 1" elastic   The coat was made using this moodfabrics.com heavy weight wool twill that's a true coating fabric.  It cuts and sews like a dream. The fur is a re-purposed Ebay find. The pattern used for this coat was Vogue V8841 -Added 4" to the front of each side which creates a double breasted look -Added 6 1.5" lapel buttons Added a seam -Added a 2" sleeve belt -Added a placket seam pocket Lined the coat with a polyester lining   velvet dress_mood velvet dress2 velvet dress3 velvet dress4 velvet dress5 velvet dress6  

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