Plaid Houndstooth

My love affair with menswear probably started in high school when I went through my men's oversized button up phase with tuxedo pants.  Yep, that was high school.  Fortunately, I never grew out of it.  There is everything classic about plaid houndstooth, and even more flattering on women. When I ordered this Armani wool fabric I originally planned a dress but after it arrived it was definitely more suited for a coat.  The online listing doesn't do this fabric justice, it's simply beautiful.  Heavy weight with a stiffer drape would also make a great blazer.  It sews, irons and cuts with ease.   The pattern used for this coat was vintage Simplicity 8310 double breasted coat/dress with the following alterations: -Removed the back seam -Removed the front box pockets and added side seam pockets -Added 3.5" sleeve belts -Remove the sleeve cuffs -Attached the collar to the top of the lapels which allows the collar to remain in an up position -To remove the double breasted appearance, iron the lapels down ending at the waist Plaid coat_mood plaid coat2 sized-IMG_7688 sized-IMG_7710 plaid coat1

2 thoughts on “Plaid Houndstooth”

  • Emmy Needham

    Personally feel sleeve belts are superfluous.

  • Laura

    I READ EVERY TREND REPORT.....Please keep it may not have many comments right now, but as the season change.....BOOM they'll be all over them to see what their new make should be.
    I love your bloggers!

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