• Before I started creating my own clothes, I had no clue textiles had so many variations.  Let me be honest, when I heard someone mention a seersucker suit I thought seersucker was a brand. Little did I know, it was one of my favorite warm weather fabrics every created.  If you're not familiar with seersucker, it's a lightweight fabric more often in a stripe that has a puckered textured.  Not sure if you get the gist, but trust me when I say it's classic sophisticated and very versatile.
  • This wrap top was made using this red and white regatta seersucker from that's lightweight, very comfortable, easy to sew and cut and a summertime must have.  If you have another color in mind, don't worry here is a great assortment from to get you started.
  • This top was made using this Burdastyle 06/2011 #121A downloadable pattern with the following alterations:
    • Added 3" to the length of the pattern
    • Added a 4" band to the bottom of the top
    • Added 2 75"x 4" waist wraps
    • Added a 3" seam waist wrap opening
    • Added a 24" wide by 20" long sleeve.  Gathered the sleeve by adding three machine basting stitches down the length of the sleeve and securing the stitches.
  • Chandler's dress was made using my Mini Jadore Marie pattern with alterations.
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