Sewing with Brocade - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on October 9, 2020 by Lee Norris

Brocade is one of those fabrics that are always on trend, always elegant, and can sometimes be a bit intimidating to work with. Unique textures and metallic threads make for both a unique look and sewing experience. Let's discuss some tips and tricks for working with this gorgeous fabric so you can grab it from your stash with confidence and transform it into your next great creation!

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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

Tips for Cutting & Sewing Brocade

Keep Edges from Fraying

  • Use pinking sheers

Pinking sheers feature a zig-zag edge, which leaves a crisp finish that often doesn't unravel. A pinked edge on brocade will still continue to fray, but it will do so much more slowly than a straight edge cut, allowing you more time to neatly sew your garment.

  • Serge (or zig-zag stitch) edges after cutting

If pinking sheers aren't in your arsenal, you can get an even cleaner seam allowance by serging the edges of your garment pieces or running them through a regular machine with a zig-zag or overlock stitch.

If you'd prefer to avoid adding extra holes in to your fabric, even in the seam allowance, adding a lightweight iron-on interfacing to the back of your fabric will also hold it together while you sew, minimizing fraying and unraveling.

  • Use extra wide seam allowances

For projects with a tighter deadline, you could simply add some extra seam allowance to your project. This will help as you're sewing, and it will keep your seams stronger in the long run.


Tips for Sewing Brocade

This type of presser foot moves the top and bottom layers of your fabric evenly, making it the perfect option for thick projects, knits, or even tricky fabrics like brocade.

  • Switch to a finer needle and thread

When sewing with brocade, I'd strongly recommend a sharp or microtex needle and fine thread such as silk.


Tips for Caring for Brocade

Do not wash brocade in the washing machine. Brocade can pull along the seams, causing a puckering effect that is very hard to remove. The fabric may also shrink, depending on what the brocade is made from.

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