Sewing with Rayon Batiste

Posted on February 19, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Looking for a refined form of rayon material that offers a lush softness? Batiste fabric is made from a plain weave, meaning the warp and weft yarns are woven into a basic crisscross formation and while it can be made from other materials, we see it most often as rayon (otherwise known as viscose). Though this fine fabric has a semi-sheer quality, it also possesses the durability characteristic of traditional rayon cloth. Rayon batiste is as strong as it is soft.

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1. Selecting Fabric

  • Rayon is prone to shrinkage, so prewash it (at least once) on a gentle cycle before continuing with construction.
  • Batiste may be slightly translucent; Use as a lining or include one as needed. 
  • Choose loose-fitting patterns to avoid unwanted stretching when wearing.

2. Cutting

  • A rotary cutter and cutting pad will make clean and precise cuts
  • Use pattern weights or tissue paper to prevent sliding when cutting 
  • Roll up your pattern pieces once the cutting is complete to prevent pulling or stretching

3. Sewing

  • Use fine-tipped pins or pattern weights to avoid snagging the fabric
  • Stay stitch necklines and curves before sewing to prevent stretching
  • Press on a low heat setting to avoid stretching or melting.
  • Sew with a microtex size 70/10 needle to avoid unwanted holes and puckering
  • Adjust machine to a smaller stitch length to combat frayed edges 
  • Let the feed dogs do their job; any additional pulling with stretch the fabric out
  • Consider a french seam to finish edges; It looks great and encloses frayed edges
  • Let the fabric hang for 24 hours before hemming to let it rest and stretch out naturally
  • Use a rolled hem to finish
  • A standard foot or walking foot will work best
  • Sew small amounts and adjust fabric as you sew to prevent stretching, snags, and other potential mishaps

Pattern Suggestions

Batiste is ideal for lingerie, blouses, dresses, and summer wear. 

Some pattern suggestions perfect for this fabric are below:

Choose batiste for your warm-weather clothing, lingerie, blouses, and more. Its drape, soft hand, and durability are characteristics you can’t miss out on. Leave a comment below with your tips for sewing with rayon batiste!

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