Statement Outerwear for 2022

Posted on December 1, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

Winter outerwear embodies the “more is more” mentality this autumn and winter. Cold weather calls for stylish and practical outerwear since it’s responsible for keeping us warm and becomes the main attraction. Coats transform an outfit so owning the right one(s) is essential for any wardrobe, even if you don't live in a frigid area.

Minimalist Overcoat

Keep the overcoat silhouette simple with a menswear-inspired style that’s less fitted and a bit boxy. Think simple style meets winter fabrics. Simple styles can still make a statement. Patterns of plaid and houndstooth help this style remain traditional while still standing out. If you want to keep the silhouette simple and the print loud, opt for a brocade option in a style like the Vestia-free sewing pattern or a fun saturated color.


Sure, color-blocking has been done a million times before; That’s no new news, so what’s the big deal? The color blocking for winter outerwear is more neutral and inventive than you may intentionally imagine. Fun neutral color combos mixed with fun fabrics like wool. Keep the warmth we depend on and mix a bit of fun.

In the Trenches

Graduating from the popular leather blazer from last year, the leather trench is the new “it” staple for the season. The black leather trench is a piece you can wear anywhere that will elevate any. Beyond the black leather, opt for a colored leather trench full of rich, saturated hues if black is a little too predictable. Patterns have rarely made my trends lists lately, but the patterned trench is noteworthy. Designers highlighted watercolor and newspaper-style prints on their trench coats.

Shearling Update 

This isn't our first look at shearling, but this season, designers offered a new perspective that amps up a jacket like the Bayberry-free sewing pattern without engulfing it entirely in shearling. Shearling trim in faux options creates a look that feels intentional and polished. This outerwear trend is for the slightly less adventurous outerwear partaker.

The Fur Effect

Textured outerwear is a cold weather staple from fur to reptile prints, yet designers continue to find a way to stir the pot. This is a bit of a preview from the S/S '23 runways displayed what looked at first glance like fur coats. A closer look proved to be tinsel or fine fringe-covered garments with a similar look to fur, but it wasn't. It is practical? Not really, but I have to applaud its ingenuity of it.

Regardless of how you style the statement outerwear from above, you will be both warm and on-trend, and that’s something worth getting excited about. Get layered up and get outside to show off the statement outerwear trends that you’ll be depending on for the next few months.

Where are you wearing your favorite statement outerwear piece first? Leave a comment below!

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