Suiting Trends to Elevate Your Wardrobe this Fall

Posted on August 10, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Suiting has always been a business wear staple, but it’s getting a 2021 update. Recent seasons have included everyday suiting that’s suit-able for more than just office wear. While some suiting trends like vest tops or tailored shorts are appropriate for warm weather, this post includes current and upcoming suiting trends, so let's get into it!

When creating suiting for any season, it’s important to select the right fabric. For summer suits, opt for fabrics like silk blends, linen, and cotton, and winter suits reach for wool or cotton blends.

An Overview: 

Workwear isn't just for the office. For Fall ‘21, suiting is being reimagined with fun colors, tailored fit, and prints. On the Chanel fall, ‘21 runway single-breasted suits in pastel colors were spotted with unconventional accessories like chunky snow boots that portrayed an edgier look. On other stages like Tory Burch, there was a more classic menswear approach on suiting with an updated spin by combining clean cuts with a slight 70s flair to the traditional 3-piece suit. 

Leather Suit

A leather blazer is the equivalent of a leather jacket. It adds a stylish touch that few other fabrics and styles can. The versatile leather blazer is edgy with style and a bit of texture. A leather blazer in an oversized shape is a perfect addition to your fall capsule wardrobe.

Relaxed Suiting

The pandemic is still affecting the fit of our clothes, and it’s reflecting in suiting as well. Relaxed blazers and wide-leg bottoms or even crops are a must for the transition to workwear and outside clothes in general. The relaxed style offers a fashionable appearance while still being comfortable no matter where you’re headed.

Mini Skirt Suits

The skirt suit is certainly not a new style, but its 2021 update is a much-needed one. Pair your blazer with a matching mini skirt or a mini dress for a very Clueless-inspired look, and keep it modern with pastels or neutral tones (depending on the season, of course). Look to Chanel for inspiration on how to do the mini skirt/dress trend right.

3-Piece Suit

This post wouldn’t be complete without including one of the biggest suiting trends of 2021: The 3-Piece Suit. There’s no denying that wearing a three-piece suit is a total boss babe move. These suits are no longer just blazers, vests, and pants ensembles. Try a bra top under a blazer paired with tailored trousers to take part in the trend even in hot temperatures.

Popular Suiting Colors

Color trends in suiting to get you through the entire year include navy, white, lilac, and pink. White is an ultra-chic suit option, pink and lilac lend a feminine touch, and navy blue Pick your shade and run with it because trending colors for 2021 include all the colors of the rainbow in every hue you can imagine.

Workwear for every day is getting easier to achieve, and 2021 has certainly proven to be a year focused on making it more wearable than ever. Personally, the suiting trend is a favorite of mine. I don’t have an extensive collection, but the year isn’t over yet. Which suiting trends are you seeing the most? Leave a comment below!

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