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Swatch, Mood Fabrics’ Mascot: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Swatch mug-shot
  1. I live with my dad Eric and mom Marianne in NYC in their apartment. (Some people think I live at Mood 24/7; nope!)
  2. I have a microchip implanted in me just in case.
  3. My favorite toys are squeaky toys because they’re fun to rip to shreds.
  4. Don’t be surprised if you visit Mood on a rainy or snowy day and I’m not there. I hate rain and snow and I call in sick on those days.
  5. In the summertime, I like to float in the pool. Not swim, just float.
  6. I’m always flattered when customers want to take their pictures with me.
  7. I actually don’t mind when the Mood staff dresses me up in ridiculous outfits and makes me pose for photos. Even when they dress me like a girl.
  8. This past June I turned 6.
  9. I like to sleep under the covers.
  10. Filet mignon is my favorite food. I could eat it every day.
  11. Between noon and 3 p.m. I like to hang out in the staff lunchroom. I always volunteer to recycle any lunch leftovers.
  12. But my dad keeps telling the Mood employees to stop feeding me. He says I’m getting fat. I disagree.
  13. Speaking of being called fat, Season 11 Project Runway designers Michelle and Amanda are in the doghouse because they said I was chubby on national TV.
  14. Tim Gunn is my fashion mentor and friend in real life. Also, his face tastes good.
  15. My dream is to have a Project Runway spinoff show all about me.
  16. Hopefully the producers have forgotten that I ate a boom mic in Season 5.
  17. When I was a puppy, I chewed off all the buttons on the bottom shelf at Mood.
  18. My favorite spot to sleep at Mood is on the floor in Aisle 3, next to the silk shantung.
  19. I’m a friendly kind of guy, but if I sense a customer might be afraid of dogs I go sit behind the register.
  20. I can ride the elevator all by myself.
  21. I keep it under control when famous people visit the store and want to meet me. Hey, I understand what it’s like to be a celebrity.
  22. Mood employees fight over who gets to walk me. Aww, guys, I love you all!
  23. New York City’s dog parks are my favorite places to hang.
  24. I’ve lived in NYC since I was a young pup and I love this town. When I need a break from the hustle and bustle, though, I visit my grandparents on Long Island.
  25. North Shore Animal League is my favorite charity.

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