Swimsuit Trends for 2022

Posted on May 3, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

Swimwear is full of flavor and fun! From clever design updates on familiar favorites to sensible swim options, there's a lot to take in this summer. Whether you fancy laying poolside and relaxing, or you need a swimsuit for summer sports and lots of movement, there is a sprinkle of swimwear to fit any summertime plans out in the sun. Find out which styles are in for summer; you might even find some you want to try for yourself!


The styles for this summer feature trusty favorites and some new ones that might stick around for a while. For the zero tan-line look, the strapless swimsuit works for any setting, whether it’s an itty-bitty bikini or a one piece. A strapless style pairs perfectly with a belted waist or bottom detail. Other accents to look for this season are suits with puff sleeves to continue on the train of cottagecore and regency core inspired by TikTok, and the Netflix show Bridgerton. Speaking of more fashion inspired by shows, cutouts are continuing to show some skin. The one-piece or monokini is the go-to look for cutouts. Some cutouts are the main attraction, especially one that practically looks like a two-piece. Cutouts placed around the neckline of two pieces are also a hot way to embrace the cutouts trend. Moving on from very skin-baring one-pieces to a more protective style, the wetsuit is being worn by more than just surfers. Want to protect your skin from the harmful rays while still enjoying the warm weather? Let the wetsuit come to the rescue! Moving from the wetsuit, which caters to the sun-conscious, another trend catering to another community that can't be forgotten is the underwire top. This silhouette is ideal for those with larger chests that need more support than regular swimwear provides. While the underwire is supportive, it is also trendy, and it would work for any chest size if desired. The underwire style has an adjustable strap much like a bra, but if you don't need the support and would like another way to adjust the fit of your swim, the halter style is also popular. It is accompanied by the handkerchief bodice that mimics the angled corset-style seen in fashion right now. The handkerchief style is also inspired by the Y2K trend.

Colors, Prints & Textures

From popular styles to popular fabrics and colors, there are a plethora of swimwear options. Trending colors are bold, with an emphasis on red swimwear. The most popular print selections are animal prints, primarily leopard, and a continuation of retro prints, from floral motifs to swirls and other watercolor prints, all in colorways ranging from bright colors to softer ones. Moving from colors and prints straight into fabrics; I can't help noticing an uprising in shimmery print swimwear. The shimmer is soft to the touch, and they sparkle in the sunlight. If you aren't a huge fan of shimmer, then the next popular fabric is probably more your speed. Try textures like crochet, knits, or ribbed variations in primarily solid colors for a more simple background that allows the suit style to take center stage.

Typically, summer is a time to show some skin, and while some styles are all about the summertime glow, I enjoy that there are some more modest styles than normal, including wetsuits with a bit more of a stylish appeal. Create your perfect swimwear by checking out Mood’s Free Swimwear Sewing Patterns.

What swimsuit style will you try this season? Let us know in the comments down below!

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