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beaded trim

  • Mood DIY: Metal Embellished Skirt

    Now I haven’t been to many sample sales…but I recently checked out the Oscar de la Renta sale, and stumbled upon a beautifully embellished skirt -- I mean metal embellishments have been everywhere lately, including the runways of this past New York Fashion Week. Inspired, I grabbed a skirt I had made from an old turtleneck (seen here), and some sparkly ornate trim I had been eyeing at Mood, and I married the two. It's easy. It's fun...and it takes any skirt from drab to fab! Embellished Skirt 1 Embellished Skirt 2 Embellished Skirt Supplies Supplies: Skirt, embellished trim, coins, scissors, thread, needles, and chalk. Editor's note: Beaded trim is also available at MoodFabrics.com. Embellished Skirt How-To

    How-To: 1. Take nickel (any uniform coins) and mark out your desired layout. 2. Removing each coin along the way, mark out where each embellishment will be sewn. 3. With one long and continuous thread, first hand stitch center crystal into place. 4. Then sew in place middle row of embellishments (Note: the two silver pieces are separate pieces). 5. Next sew into place third row of embellishments below the crystal. 6. Then sew into place bottom/lower middle embellishment. 7. Now sew into place the very top row of the embellishments (Note: by doing this one last, you are able to control the height of each cluster, for perfect alignment against other groupings). 8. Working counter clockwise, sew in between each silver piece, the thin gold embellishments. On the last one triple knot the thread on the inside of the skirt.

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