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  • Mood DIY: How to Sew a Button Sleeve Shirt

    button up silk blouse

    Simple details are a favorite of mine. When I saw these small, round buttons on moodfabrics.com, I immediately wanted to make something with a vintage feel. Since the buttons would be the focus, I decided to make a basic t-shirt with a lovely sleeve detail.

    button up silk blouse

    Fabrics & materials used:

    button up silk blouse

    This shirt can easily be created without a pattern. All I did was trace one of my t-shirts and angled the sleeves from the bottom of the original shirt's armhole. If you're looking for a more form fitting silhouette, you could add bust darts, but I chose not to include them since this is definitely a shirt that I'll just be tucking into some high-waisted pants or a midi skirt. Also, without the darts, the front and back of the shirt are identical, so you can cut 2 of the same shape!

    button up silk blouse

    After cutting your fabric, sew up the sides of your shirt until you reach the arm holes. This can be done using French seams, if you'd like! From your rattail, cut 22 pieces; each should measure about 2.5" long.

    button up silk blouse

    Pin your ribbon along the entire top of your shirt panels, right sides facing each other. This will eventually be flipped over and sewn to the wrong side of your silk, like you see below. First though, you'll need to sew your rattail loops onto one of your shirt panels. Starting about and inch from the edge of the sleeve, clip a loop between your ribbon and silk every inch. Each sleeve should have 11 loops.

    After sewing down your ribbon facings, you can finish your sleeve edges and shirt hem the same way, or you can finish them off with a simple rolled hem. I chose the latter, which you can see in the image below!


    Your rattail loops should fit right over your buttons, but if you're a little worried about 1 or 2 coming undone while you're wearing it, you could certainly hand sew them into place since they're mostly decorative. And with just a few stitches, you have a beautiful blouse! What kind of buttons are you going to be making yours with?


  • Quick and Easy Button Crafts


    So; let’s talk buttons! Here’s a question for all of you casual button-enthusiasts out there: where do you most often use buttons? On a shirt? Pants? Usually closures, right? Maybe a pillow? Have you ever considered decorating with buttons? There are plenty of big and small projects that can be improved with just a few buttons! Working with buttons is a great and refreshing way to shift your mind and design in a different perspective! Sometimes it might help to think outside the box, but it might be better for others to think inside the box! You can focus on the big or the small details—buttons can go either way, and both methods produce different results!


    Getting interested? Then you might want to consider trying out a Bag o' Buttons to get you started! These bags always provide an amazing assortment of button types, colors, and shapes. I was so impressed when I opened up a bag and saw how many different types poured out! These are available in both small and large sizes, so you can get the amount that suits your needs! So grab yourself a bag, check out some ideas below, and get ready to button up!  

    Button Brooch

    This is a cute idea that just involves stacking a few buttons on top of each other and sewing them together with a bit of complimentary embroidery thread! These come out best when using different sized buttons, and you can play with the color combinations all you want! Attach with a safety pin or brooch pin! DSC_1133

    Holiday Wreath Button Embellishment

    Embellishments on holiday wreaths look beautiful in any season! Since buttons come in all colors and designs, it’s easy to find buttons for every occasion and holiday. Add some buttons for a pop of color or to finish off seasonal motifs!


    Button Pendent

    This is similar to the Button Brooch, but worn in a different spot! Buttons that are ornate and stand out proud on their own can take a center stage over a shirt pocket or dress hem!


    Button Napkin Tie

    Another idea that’s simple, tying some buttons together with a little more embroidery thread can make for an adorable and colorful napkin tie! Use them for dinner parties and other special occasions you need a fresh dinner set for!


    Button Flower Bouquet

    Button flower bouquets are beautiful and elegant pieces that can be wonderful setting pieces for the coming fall season! Use colors and flower designs reminiscent of mums, sunflowers, and harvest-time flora and set them in a decorative cornucopia to liven up a dining room or coffee table!


    Button Bookmark

    Button bookmarks are vintage little clips that are safe on your wallet and your books! Take a paper clip, attach a button to each side on the end, and you’re done! You can use them for your favorite novel, marking important pages in textbooks, or for organizing your planner!


    Button Pushpins

    Bored of your corkboard’s push pins? Don’t want to spend money on those pretty ones from the store? Decorate them yourself! Use some hot glue to spruce up any bland pins you have. These will give a cute and quirky touch to your corkboard!


      These are just a handful of button DIY ideas, but it’s something to get you started! Have you done a button project that wasn’t listed here? Or maybe you thought of another project idea from looking at these? Share your comments and photos with us—we’d love to see more ways to use buttons!
  • Faux Suede Skirt


    Faux Suede Skirt

    Fall runways have been loaded with garments and fabrics of faux suede, and seeing as I loved the fabric even before its shine in the spotlight, I wanted to take the chance to make a suede skirt—another popular item on the runway—for the coming season. Faux suede is a great fabric choice because of its soft texture, and the suede I used to make my skirt has a nice stretch that’s both form-fitting and comfortable to wear. I’ve always loved the visual appeal of suede, too; like velvet, it adds visual texture to an ensemble, and I love that. You can see the texture without having to feel it (though I’d be lying if I claimed I’ve never compulsively touched suede just to feel how soft it is!) Fabrics like this draw the eye, and it comes in a number of colors, too, making it a powerful fabric tool. The skirt is decorated with a few buttons, top-stitching with orange thread, and the front is closed with a slot seam. This skirt design is incredibly simple, just a few pieces—4 in total—and I made them from easy shapes you can draw out with a yard stick and pencil. I’ve provided an image to help you visualize what they looked like (I apologize that the shapes aren’t drawn exactly to scale, but so long as you get the idea!):  
    Pattern Guide Pattern Guide
    Four pieces and a yard of fabric. Easy, right? Make sure to fit the pieces in the direction shown in the picture, and you need FOUR CUTS for PIECE 2, so turn the piece 180 degrees if you need to in order to fit it in. The skirt falls just below my waist and the measurements I provided are to fit my size (I’m a 30” waist), so adjust accordingly for your own fit! I’m not going to go into a super in-depth tutorial for this skirt, but I hope the design won’t be too hard to figure out!

    Material List

    -        About 1 YD Black UV Protective Stretch Ultra Suede (#311396) -        3 QTY Copper/Orange Rhinestoned Metal Shank Back Button (#14805) -        474 Curry 100M Gutermann Sew All Thread (#100301) -        10 Black 100M Guterman Sew All Thread (#100246) -        1 QTY 580 Black 9” Invisible Zipper (#INV9-850) -        Pins -        Hand-sewing Needle -        Sewing Machine -        Scissors -        Tailor’s Chalk (for marking where your buttons will go before sewing them down) -        Pencil (for Patter Drawing) -        Pattern Paper (for Patter Drawing) This is the list of materials that I used. I used about a full yard of the faux suede fabric that I picked, but you may need more or less depending on the size you’re fitting the garment to. Judge the amount you need based off how long your skirt panels need to be (remember that there are 36 inches in one yard of fabric). After you’ve drafted your paper pattern and have cut out your fabric pattern pieces, you should have PIECE 1 (x2), PIECE 2 (x4), PIECE 3 ,(x2) and PIECE 4 (x1). I installed my zipper on the right side at the top, so between one PIECE 2 panel and one PIECE 3 panel. Pin all of them together like this and start sewing them together! NOTE: The two panels of PIECES 1 are sewn together using a slot seam! If you're not sure how to install a slot seam, click here to see what it looks like!



    For my skirt design, I decided to hide the second part of the slot seam on the UNDERSIDE, like in the photo below. This is purely a stylistic choice--you can top-stitch it if you'd like!


    After sewing them all together, I top-stitched with the orange thread. Top-stitching is a great way to add a dash of color to a garment, and I love using it whenever I can. It looks great so long as you work carefully and remain patient. This is honestly the longest step in the process to make the skirt, but you should do it. It removes the need for a lining and helps to stabilize the seam allowances on the wrong side of the skirt.


    After top-stitching, you need to do a single-fold hem along the top of the skirt. DO THIS BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR ZIPPER! You won’t want a raw edge to show at the top of your skirt, so we’re doing this to prepare to hide it! Like so:


    After hemming the top, install your zipper. If you don’t know how to install a zipper, click here to read our tutorial on how! Remember to line the very top of the zipper—not the teeth, the extra flaps—up with the top of the skirt.



    After installing your zipper, you can go ahead and close up the skirt, right sides together. Make sure to sew flat along the bottom of the zipper to lock it in. You can also go ahead and top-stitch down along the sides of the zipper and down the seam you just closed the skirt up with. If the top of your skirt is too wide for your waist, add a dart in the middle of the back panel.




    After that, roll the top hem again and top stitch down. Do the same on the bottom of the skirt


    The last step is to hand-sew the buttons onto the front. Make sure to line your buttons up nicely where you want them to lay and use a piece of tailor’s chalk to mark where you’d like them to go before you sew them down. This’ll help prevent off-center buttons!



    And that’s about it! Easy!   Can you think of other garments or accessories you’d like in a suede fabric? Do you have a favorite piece in a suede? Tell us all about it!
  • 5-Minute DIY Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is just 3 days away! To follow up yesterday's reading pillow idea, we've compiled a list of some super quick DIY ideas - perfect for if you've left your gifts to the last minute, or if you simply want a little something extra to give on Sunday! 1. Framed Fabric Dry Erase Board


    This dry erase bored is both adorable and handy. Use a cute cotton print or this floral canvas, and you've got a stylish place to leave messages or reminders!

    2. Fake Rose Bouquet

    Mother's Day 3

    These flowers would make a lovely centerpiece or look adorable next to a window. And each on only takes 1/2 yard of wired ribbon!

    3. Homemade 3D Cards

    Mother's Day 1

    Spruce up some dollar store greeting cards or create your own minimalist design with a 3D trim, like this new faux leather flower trim!

    4. Vintage Button Bookmarks

    Mother's Day 2

    All you need for these innovative booksmarks are some paperclips, hot glue, and some awesome buttons. A great idea would be to get some assorted buttons and make a bunch! Pair them with The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion for an extra perfect gift!

    And these older blog posts would be perfect for crafty moms:

    5. Mason Jar Sewing Kit w/Built in Pincushion


    All this takes is some sewing supplies, a bit of cotton, and a handful of stuffing. Learn how to make it here!

    6. Embroidery Hoop Organizer


    Help your mom get organized with this perfect little organizer hoop! Get detailed instructions and a list of supplies here. 7. Rose Petal Jewelry Bowl


    Felt bowls are totally simple to make and they can be used for all sorts of things: jewelry, sewing supplies, keys, paperclips - you name it! We have two tutorials for them here and here!

  • Halloween DIY

    Halloween is upon us once again! It is the time to escape reality and transcend into anything or anyone we want to be, even if it is just for the night. With Halloween costume super stores selling your fantasy by the package, your vision is not always what you had imaged it to be and most likely you will run into a look alike more than once in one night. The only way to live out your fantasy every inch as perfect as you imagined it to be is to ultimately do it yourself. And though you may run into a few people that may resemble you that night, they all seem like knock-offs compared to your one of a kind. Popular costumes this year range from storybook imaginary best friends to the one and only King of Pop. Whatever your fantasy is, Mood Fabrics has just what you need to make all your Halloween dreams come true. wild-things First comes from the popular movie Where the Wild Things Are. The popular and lovable character of Carol is sure to be a favorite for all ages alike this Halloween. With a little bit of faux fur and a great mask, you are ready to go!!! The great added bonus for this costume is the fact that you will stay warm all night long.

    Mood Fabric dog

    The next, which is always popular and always fun, is Pocahontas. The best example of this DIY is demonstrated by Swatch, the Mood Fabrics mascot. His version isn’t exactly practical for humans but we can however use his great sense of style to create a look that is practical and stylish. Just use a little bit of ultra suede along with a cool trim such as feather or fringe to create an easy yet stylish Pocahontas costume!!! michael_jackson_shiny1246260745 And last but not least, this Halloween many will pay tribute to the one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Michael had many great outfits to choose from. The most memorable would be his embellished bandleader jackets, pants with white socks, and the staple white glove. Get creative with this costume. Spruce up any blazer with a little metallic fringe, sequin, and some fancy buttons to create your own one of a kind Michael Jackson look. Whatever look you go for this Halloween season remember to be CREATIVE and have FUN because that is what this Holiday is all about!!!