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  • Mood DIY: 3-Step Heart Bookmark


    I figured it was time to stop using scraps of paper to mark my place in all my books, since the scraps tend to end up lost on the floor anyway. I've seen origami pocket bookmarks before and thought, why not do something similar with fabric? They can fold up or get shoved in a purse without the risk of being ripped or bent like paper, and they're easily customizable!


    Things you'll need:

    • Wool or felt cut into two 3" hearts
    • Thread
    • Chalk/removable marking tool


    After cutting out your hearts, draw or write whatever you'd like to embroider on the front of your bookmark.


    Trace the chalk outline, and straight-stitch the bottom two inches of the heart, like the photos below.


    And just like that, you have a cute and unique bookmark - great for gifts, or kids' craft parties!


  • Mood DIY: Embroidery Hoop Organizer

    No matter what I do, my chalk and my seam ripper are always missing.  Within 12 seconds of putting one down, it somehow manages to get itself lost or stolen by my cats. To remedy this chronic sewing tool loss, I made a super cute organizer; and it was so easy, I might cover a wall with them!


    Things you'll need:


    First, fold the denim in half to form the pocket. Or, if you're worried about your denim being too thick, simply hem what will become the top of the pocket, instead of doubling up your fabric.


    Place your pocket fabric where you'd like it to lie on top of the cotton. Add your tools and embroidery hoop, and place a pin between each tool. Trim the denim about 2" from the hoop. From here, sew lines straight down from where you pinned between your tools, like the picture below.


    Add your ribbon, and stretch your fabric across the embroidery hoop. Be sure to make sure to pull the fabric taut and tighten the hoop as much as possible to ensure that you don't lose any tools. To finish, you can either trim the excess fabric, or pin it behind the hoop. Attach a loop of ribbon to the top to hang it somewhere adorable!


  • Halloween Contest Entry #45

     Tara T.'s Halloween Costume

    Tara T.'s Halloween Costume

    Tara T.'s Halloween Costume was made using Iridescent Blue/Copper 70 Sheer Chiffon, Iridescent Grey Floral Embroidery & Eyelet, and it also had a variety of kona cottons.
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