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  • Trend Report: Cotton Eyelets

    Hey fashionistas, have you been keeping up with what is hot this season? If so, I am sure you have noticed those stunning cotton eyelets strutting down the runway especially since the 2016 shows! Are you one to stay ahead of the game? Well, these darling fabrics have been on fire and are also making appearances down the 2017 runways, so falling behind trend is not an option with these marvelous textiles.

    For those of you not as familiar with this type of fabric, allow me to explain. Typically, an eyelet is derived from cotton and has a design placed and cut out of the fabric allowing you to see through it, hence the name eyelet. It gives off a fun and flirty peek-a-boo affect that can be used in countless ways from children's wear, casual ready to wear or even formal apparel.

    Often times you will see an eyelet categorized with embroidery. In many cases a cotton eyelet will be embroidered, giving it an even more unique look; thus making embroidery just as popular as the eyelets on the 2016 and 2017 runways!

    Below are a couple looks from the Zimmermann Resort Collection of 2016. In the picture on the left she has layered this remarkable white floral eyelet over a thin black cotton lace and turned it into a more formal resort jumpsuit. You will notice she has placed it on top of a plain white cotton fabric for the body of the jumpsuit, giving her model more coverage yet letting the eyelet stand on its own for the sleeves. In the second picture, to the right, Zimmermann turned this stunning, all-white, cotton eyelet and created a breathtaking low-cut dress. She shows you the full effect of the eyelet letting it flow past the short underlying dress, creating a lovely flowing look down to about ankle length. I think I could go as far to say, this incredible dress would be perfect for that beachfront wedding many ladies dream about!

    pictures 1 and 2

    Another designer that has brilliantly used eyelets in their resort collection for 2017 is Giambattista Valli. Below are some pictures of his wondrous work sure to have you wanting to get on board with this trend. The first picture to the far left is one of my favorite designs, considering green is my favorite color and not to mention that using an eyelet as a pant is pure genius.  The middle picture appears to be a darling  two piece, shirt and skirt, constructed with a delightful white floral eyelet. What a perfect outfit for a day on the yacht. On right we have a fabulous red gown that is a tad more formal, perfect for that candlelit dinner on your couples cruise. The ever so slightly risque way he used the eyelets on the hips is to die for!
    pictures 3, 4 and 5
    People tend to think that cotton eyelets, because they are a ventilated see through fabric, are specifically for the spring or summer months. Well, some designers have turned this into a myth! Below is a picture of a look from Emanuel Ungaro's Resort 2017 collection, that seems to be geared a little more toward those colder resort settings. Ungaro placed a black floral eyelet under a printed jacket, paired with a black skirt with a touch of  fringe. He accessorized it with a black suede, calf height, heeled bootie that really shouts "a night out at the mountain resort," proving you can use these wonderful fabrics all year long.
    picture 6
    Here is another example of a more winter look with an eyelet by Giambattista Valli who was mentioned before.
    picture 7
    Other than the inspiration given to you by the designers above, listed below are some suggestions for other ways to use these fabrics:
    • Lay your desired eyelet over your favorite color or printed cotton and create a beach bag!
    • Create a vest to wear over your favorite outfit, still allowing you to see that top you are in love with.

    • Make your holey jeans more unique by using an eyelet over it to still show skin in a much cuter way!
    • Use the embroidered fabric as a cover up or Kimono over your favorite swimming suit.

    Be the one dropping jaws this season in your very own cotton eyelet! We offer an abundance of them here at Mood. Go ahead and stock up on some for the colder months as well! Here are some embroidered and eyelet suggestions we have for you.
    White Geometric and Floral Striped Embroidered Cotton Eyelet White Geometric and Floral Striped Embroidered Cotton Eyelet
    White Floral Stripes Embroidered Cotton Eyelet White Floral Stripes Embroidered Cotton Eyelet
    White Rectangular Embroidered Cotton Eyelet White Rectangular Embroidered Cotton Eyelet
    Italian Red Coral Cotton Eyelet Italian Red Coral Cotton Eyelet
    Bright Orange Cotton Embroidered & Eyelet Bright Orange Cotton Embroidered & Eyelet
    Use your imagination, think outside the box and be inspired! Show us what you have designed with our Mood fabrics, we would love to see!!
  • Mood DIY: Bright Summer Eyelet Shorts

    Are those denim shorts to bland for you? Are you looking for something with a bit more detail? Mood's got it, offering many different eyelet fabrics to spruce up your look or to create a whole new design!   The shorts I have constructed are from a delightful peacock blue, stretch-cotton, sateen, a build that is made for comfort because of its soft hand. The eyelet is a brilliantly bright orange, embroidered cotton sure to grab peoples attention! I used the orange eyelet over top of the peacock blue to compliment one another nicely, and the result is bold and bright for the lovely summer weather.

    fashion eyelet shorts sewing diy

    The pattern I used was McCall's M6361. I specifically used cut C for the shorts. This pattern was designed to put a zipper in the shorts but I made some alterations. On the front pattern piece, where it curves to normally set in a zipper, I extended up from this area squaring it off with the waistline. By doing this, it allows for an elastic waist band. Then, to make the shorts more sleek I omitted the pocket giving less bulk. This pattern piece set came with a skirt, pants, capris and Bermuda short patterns. If you like your shorts a bit shorter there is a cut line on the Bermuda pattern to shorten them or you can make the judgement all on your own. I followed the Bermuda length on the pattern and rolled them to my liking.

    fashion eyelet shorts sewing diy

    After I altered my pattern work I doubled up my fabric and cut out all pieces of both the cotton sateen and the eyelet (side note the waistband is cut 4). Then I fully constructed the peacock blue pair of shorts with the matching color thread ( 100385). Separately, I constructed the eyelet fabric into their own shorts with matching thread (100302). Once I had two pair of shorts, I then set the blue inside the eyelet attaching around the circumference of both legs. This leaves them connected around the legs yet still separate around the waistline so I gave a quick basting stitch around the circumference of the waistline. After the basting stitch I attached the waistband leaving an opening to slip the 1" elastic through and finished it off by stitching that closed.

    fashion eyelet shorts sewing diy

    Note when making garments with an eyelet overlay it may have little to no stretch, even if the fabric underneath has stretch, the eyelet might make your garment a bit snug. If you are thinking of making a pair of shorts like these, you could set in a zipper for an exact fit ( following the exact instructions for McCall's M6361) or you can make them with an elastic waistband like the pair I constructed. Eyelets are perfect to attach to garments that are already constructed as well. Take any eyelet to use as a peek-a-boo affect on any pair of pants  or around the leg of your shorts for a fun and flirty take on an old pair of denim! Eyelets also make extremely cute sleeves to a blouse or dress!
  • Halloween Contest Entry #45

     Tara T.'s Halloween Costume

    Tara T.'s Halloween Costume

    Tara T.'s Halloween Costume was made using Iridescent Blue/Copper 70 Sheer Chiffon, Iridescent Grey Floral Embroidery & Eyelet, and it also had a variety of kona cottons.
    For more information on how to enter the Mood Fabrics 2011 Halloween Costume Contest and complete contest rules for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to MoodFabrics.com please visit www.moodfabrics.com/halloween2011/ Rate your favorite costume below!