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  • Owl Wings DIY Costume (with Mask!)


    Want a cool and quick costume for you or a loved one? Ever thought of making an owl costume, dressed with a full set of wings that can be custom fit to any size for the wearer? Then look no further! This costume is great, because it really is so simple to make, and the final product comes out amazing. And probably my favorite part of this project is that you can use any colors, so you can make wings like these for other costumes, too! This project uses felt wools to create a sturdy wingspan for your costume and mask. Wool felts are soft, have a solid look, and keep their shape, so they’re perfect for being made into shapes for costumes. And since they’re a thicker type of fabric, they hold hand stitches well, which means you don’t need a sewing machine for this project!  For the best and most secure results, we went with embroidery floss. You can also use the embroidery floss to embellish your costume wings, too, but we mostly used it for the mask which we found an awesome tutorial for here!


    Like what you see? Then let’s get started! Here’s a list of what you’ll need: Fabric Notions The first thing you'll need to do is prep your fabrics for the wings. Take half (1/2) a yard of each of your felts and your printer paper, a pencil, tailor's chalk, and scissors. Fold the printer paper in half long-ways and draw out the shape you want your feathers to be. For ours, we made a 3"x5" rectangle and trimmed one edge's corners towards the center. Cut the template into the printer paper when it's folded in order to keep it symmetrical. You only need one of these! After you have your feather template made, start tracing the shape onto each of your 1/2 yards of felt. You need as many as you can cut out, so make sure to trace everything out first before you cut to ensure you're using the space as well as possible. It's best to keep the cuts close, like this:


    You can also fold the piece of felt in half to speed up the cutting process!

    After you've cut out all your pieces, put them to the side. Take the remaining amount of ivory felt you have and fold it so that the selvages are lined up together.  Measure down the length of your arms from the center of your back and figure out how long you want your wings to be, (the ivory felt has a max width of 29" when folded), and then down from the base of your neck to figure out how tall you want your wings to be. Once you know what size you  want your wings to be (we went with 28" for the wingspan width and 20" for the height!), measure the height of your wings down the folded side of the fabric and mark where you need it to end. Do the same for the windspan length along the adjacent edge of the fabric. Mark where it should end. Now, from the mark for your wings' height, draw a curved line to the mark you put for the wingspan's length. Make sure the shape is to your liking before moving on!

    Now it's time to cut the wing bases out! This shape you just drew will be the base for your wings. Double-check that the fabric is lined up evenly before starting to cut. I first cut down the fold and then cut the curve I drew for the base. Trim anything you think you might need to to keep the shapes symmetrical.


     After you cut this out, take them apart and lay them both out next to each other. Grab the feather pieces you cut out before and your hem tape. Lay out the colors of the feathers in an alternating pattern (or whatever you choose!) so you know how you want to organize your design. Next, cut out pieces of hem tape (about 2" long each) and apply the first step of the hem tape onto the backs of the feather pieces. Each feather only needs one piece of hem tape.


    After you've applied the first step for the hem tape, take off the paper from the other side of the hem tape and get to work on laying out your first row of pieces (like in the picture above) along the rounded edge of the wingspan. You need to start your first row on the curve in order for the feathers to overlap like a real wing's feathers would! Remember the hem tap should be down against the wing base. Using your iron on a medium setting, press the iron down flat over where the hem tape is to melt the tape and attach the feathers to the wing base. You don't need to leave the iron there long, but make sure to let the pieces and hem tape cool before moving them again! If you move them too early, the hem tape won't adhere to the pieces.

    Continuing working with these steps for each row, making sure to lay the next row over the one you finish before it. Once you've attached everything, the final product will look like this:


    The wings are almost done! Now we need to attach the elastic and ribbon pieces which will help hold it onto your shoulders and wrists, respectively. Take this time to figure out where on your wings you want your elastic and ribbon straps to sit so they look both naturally fitting on your frame. For ours, we lined up the elastic with our model's shoulder blades and the ribbon at the wrists.

    You may need more or less elastic for your straps, so measure around the part of your shoulder where it connects to your torso--take that measurement and add 1" to get the length you need for ONE  of your elastic straps. Double this to get the amount you need total.

    An important note: make sure when you sew these pieces on that they don't show through the feathers! Try to work beneath them, or add these in before ironing down your feathers.


    Once you've done this, take your elastic and cut it in half so you have one piece for each arm. For each piece, overlap the raw edges by one inch, so it makes a loop. Then, using your hand needle and yellow embroidery floss, sew the elastic onto the wing just along this overlapped inch. You don't need more than that. Do the same on the other wing.


    Next is the ribbon. The ribbon will be applied in a similar way but towards the other end of the wing. Measure the widest part of your hand instead of your wrist to see how much ribbon you need. You want to be able to slide your hand through the loop once it's sewn on, after all! Once you have your ribbon, cut it in half like you did the elastic. Overlap the 1/2-1" for the ribbon to make the loop and sew it down with the red embroidery floss.


    The last thing needed for the wings is to sew a small part of them together at the middle. Lay the top corners of the wings over each other (where they would sit over the middle of your back, and use the yellow embroidery floss to sew a clean square where they overlap. You want this to be secure, but not too tight or it'll look pinched. It's okay if the thread shows here so long as you sew it through nicely!


    And there you go! You have a pair of owl wings for your costume! Easy right? Could you use wings like these for other projects or costumes, too? What color schemes might look great for a design like this?




  • Mood DIY: Felt Panda Pattern Weights


    Pattern weights are one of the greatest creations when it comes to sewing tools. If you don't use them, I strongly recommend trying them out. They don't cause your fabric to pucker while you're cutting, they don't rip your pattern paper, and they can be moved around so much faster than pins. Plus, they can be DIYed so easily. For these felt panda weights, I used a quarter yard of Mood's White Fiesta Felt and a quarter yard of black poly felt, as well as black and white thread. For each weight, I cute two white ovals for the head, ever so slightly elongated toward the bottom for the chin. Out of the black felt, I cut two circles for the ears, 2 egg shapes for the spots around the eyes, and a tiny oval for the nose. I then multiplied all these pieces by 4, since I made 4 weights.


    After everything was cut out, I sewed the nose and eye spots onto 4 of the white ovals with black thread. I also pinned the ears in place, for when I would sew the front and back of the heads together.


    I filled each weight with rice (although, sand would also be a great substitute if you'd like them a bit heavier), and to avoid any leaks, I decided to create little pouches out of bleached muslin.


    Each pouch was filled using a small funnel, and then stitched closed.


    After the pouches were complete, I began to hand stitch the front and back of the panda heads together. About 1/3 of the way around, I added the rice bag before sewing the remainder of the head.


    After repeating this four more times, I had an adorable set of panda pattern weights! I even added some hand-stitched eyes  with white thread, although tiny white buttons would also be super cute. I think I may have just discovered a new gift idea for my creative friends!


  • Mood DIY: Felt Bowl


    I made a felt rose petal bowl a few weeks ago, and it's one of the most convenient additions to my dresser ever. It can hold jewelry, pens, clips, and essentially any other little things that float around my room without a home. Since I had some extra felt leftover, I decided to try my hand at another bowl!


    I began with a 9" circle of 4mm industrial felt, although it could probably be any size. Starting with a 9" circle gave by bowl about a 4" base.


    On what would become the inside of the bowl, I drew 8 lines around the outside, each measuring in at 2".


    I drew a diagonal on both sides of each line, beginning about 1" away toward the outside of the circle and ending on the line toward the middle of a circle. Like the photo below, this should create a small triangle.


    The last step was to fold the felt, matching up the lines of each triangle. From there, I simply sewed down about 1.5" right where the triangles were, and voila: I had a bowl!


    They're so cute and simple to make! Plus, super easy to alter. I'm thinking about a longer one to place my glasses in , and a more shallow one for car keys. How adorable would that be?



  • Mood DIY: 5 Minute Coin Purse

    Everyone needs more purses. They're cute, they're functional, and they're versatile. And the best way to make the most of that versatility is to DIY your own!


    I had some leftover felt to work with, and thought a mini clutch bag would be the perfect project - it can hold coins, chapstick and a few extra dollars when I need it to. And it can clip onto my keys!


    Things I used:

    Felt Coin Purse 1

    I started by decorating what would become the front clasp. Rather than adding a fake button, I decided to embroider a simple, minimalist heart. Directly on the other side of that, I attached the top of the sew-on snap.

    Felt Coin Purse 2

    Sewing on the first side was next. This lets you better visualize where the button on the front flap will lie, before you sew on the second half of the snap. I recommend sewing on the snap before you add the last side; it just make it a little easier  to tie off your thread.

    Felt Coin Purse 3

    Once I sewed the snap and two sides on, it was basically done! A hole punch worked wonders for attaching the  purse clasp, and few braided strips of leather made the perfect clutch strap! What design aspects would you change if you made one of these for yourself?


  • Mood DIY: Personalized Halloween Napkin Rings

    Halloween is just around the corner, and it's such a fun holiday for adults to embrace their inner kid -- the dressing up, the copious amounts of candy, it all equals fun!

    Having guests over to celebrate? Well...you may want to try a personal "spooky" take on the traditional holiday settings. It's quick....it's easy....and it makes for a great keepsake: Personalized Halloween Napkin Rings. Just head over to Mood like I did and grab some organza ribbon, felt, and some fabric paint...and you're ready to go! Mood DIY Halloween Napkin Rings Mood DIY Halloween Napkin Rings

    SUPPLIES: felt, silk organza ribbon, fabric paint, straight pins, scissors, and a print out of all the images you want to use (I used Google Images to find some cute ones!!!) Mood DIY Halloween Napkin Rings HOW-TO: 1. Find silhouettes of pictures you want on Google Images, and print them out the size of about 1/4 of a page or less, then cut them all out. 2. Take your organza ribbon and cut a piece for each of your place settings (Note: be generous so you can have a nice size bow -- mine were each 31 inches long). 3. Using straight pins, attach each image to your felt. 4. Carefully cut out your images. 5. In the spot you'd like your ribbon to run through your felt "character," make a tiny incission (about an 1/8th inch) with your scissors. 6. Take the nozzle of your fabric paint, and carefully spell each name of your guests. (Note: I would practice first to gauge how fast paint comes out when you apply pressure to the bottle, because in the event you mess up, you don't want to have to start all over). Let dry for a few hours. 7. Slip your organza ribbon evenly through the incission you made in Step #5, and you're all done! Mood DIY Halloween Napkin Rings

    Brandhyze Stanley is the chief voice of the award winning blog, Frugal-nomics.com; a platform designed to share with women how to live and look fabulous on a dime. A DIY girl at heart—Brandhyze has been featured on The View, The Early Show, The Today Show, InStyle Magazine, Essence Magazine, and MTVStyle. A Wilhelmina Model for over a decade, with a Business Degree from Loyola University Chicago, Brandhyze provides DIY content to the popular How-To Site, eHow; and was a Fashion & Style Writer and Video Contributor for Newsday Westchester. Brandhyze is a huge thrifter and a lover of all good deals, follow her on Twitter @MyFrugalnomics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/Frugalnomics.

  • Halloween Contest Entry #54

    Antonia K.'s Kooky Pen Costume

    Antonia K.'s Kooky Pen Costume

    "My name is Antonia K. and I am nine years old. I have been sewing for over a year and have made many beautiful things--dresses, shirts, caftans, etc. This Halloween, I designed, created and sewed my very own costume using 4 different types of felt, some wire, pipe cleaners and fabric glue, with all the fabrics from MOOD. It may be hard to see in this photo, but the lips are 3D and the eye lashes are too (it's not easy to sew on pipe cleaners). I was the only Kooky Pen around and I was so excited and thrilled to have created my own costume from scratch!"
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  • Halloween Contest Entry #47

    Isabella S. Bunny Costume

    Isabella S. Bunny Costume

    Isabella S. Bunny Costume was made with Faux Fur and Felt.
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  • Halloween Contest Entry #39

    Melissa R.'s Salmon Sushi with Wattsabi

    Melissa R.'s Salmon Sushi with Wattsabi

    Here is Melissa R. dog, Watts, in his sushi costume made from felt, velcro & ribbon from Mood! (oh and chopsticks too...not from Mood.) Melissa calls this "Salmon Sushi with Wattsabi."
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  • Halloween Contest Entry #29

    Karianne J.'s Sushi Baby

    Karianne J.'s Sushi Baby

    Karianne J. used wool felt, fleece, Velcro for this Sushi Baby Costume.
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    Gail R. Child Costume

    Gail R.'s Child Costume

    Gail R. made this child costume from Felt and Foam.
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