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fox tail

  • Mood DIY: Removable Fur Cuffs

    The other day while cruising the aisles at Mood Fabrics, I came across this Fox Fur Tail that just oozed with possibilities. With the subzero temperatures we've been having here in New York...I just knew I had found a quick and fashionable solution that could dress up any coat. Got a denim jacket for the spring....or cable knit sweater that needs new life? These removable fur cuffs could be your solution. Removable Fur Cuffs1 Removable Fur Cuffs2 SUPPLIES: fox tail, 2 buttons, needle and thread, and a pair of scissors. Removable Fur Cuffs3 HOW-TO: 1. Take scissors and cut the fox tail in half. 2. Once you cut the tail in half (it will leave the innards of the tail exposed), stitch the opening closed on both halves. 3. In your desired location near the edge, hand sew on a button on the band that comes on the tail. 4. On the opposite side from where you placed your button, use your scissors to make a 2cm incision to begin your button hole. 5. With your needle and thread, stitch around the perimeter of the button hole you just created. Now, you're all set! Removable Fur Cuffs4

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  • Babushka Swatch

    Babushka Swatch

    Babushka Swatch

    Babushka Swatch is preparing himself for winter by accessorizing with some fur cuffs and fox tails (available in-store).
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