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  • DIY Fuzzy Tote



    This has quickly become my favorite DIY project. I made it and planned my whole outfit around it the next day. Yes, that means that I broke out the fur in August. And yes, some find this seasonally offensive. My Boss: “You shouldn’t wear fur!!!!” Me: “Don’t worry, it’s faux.” My Boss: “I don’t care if it’s real or faux. I care that it’s still summertime.” This fuzzy friend might hibernate in my closet until the temperature drops, but its a great piece to make to start prepping your wardrobe for the cooler seasons. Furry bags, real and faux, are all over the place in conservative and whimsical hues. Take an outing to your nearest fabric store and see what they offer- the longer the fur the better for this DIY. Faux Fur, Leather Trim, Scissors & Cutting Supplies, Needles and Thread can all be found at MoodFabrics.com.





    Arianna Berk, DIY Fashion and Style Blogger, Founder of RunwayDIY.com www.runwaydiy.com twitter: @runwaydiy facebook: www.facebook.com/RunwayDIY DIY Fuzzy Tote was originally posted on http://runwaydiy.com/2011/08/26/diy-fuzzy-tote.
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