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  • Dorm Room Tutorial Projects


    Do you need dorm room inspiration to dress up your dorm room? These tutorials are simple and easy to follow, making your dorm room very unique! Save money on dorm room decorations with these at home DIY projects. Mood fabrics is home to an expansive amount of fabrications and colorations making it simple for you to collect the fabric needed for these projects. Make your dorm feel like home with these simplistic yet fun ideas!  Dorm room Tutorials:


    1) Bulletin Board Decor

    2) Pillow

    3) Curtains

    4) Poof Ottoman

    5) Tapestry

    6) Seat Cover


    Decorate Bulletin Board

    final 1

    Items needed

    ½ fabric – can be same or different fabric

    Striped FabricPaisley FabricAbstract Fabric, Polkadot Fabric

    L-Square ruler





     Items Needed

    Step 1:

    Fold over each half-yard with the face out and iron the fabric so that any wrinkles are pressed out. Once your fabric is folded it will be 9″ in length, the exact length of the pennant. The top of the pennant will be 7″ wide so measure in 7″ from the selvedge. To create the point, measure 3.5″ in from the bottom and make a mark. Then connect the top two ends to the point and you have a perfect triangle! Once your first pennant is measured, alternate sides measuring over 7″ and they will all be the exact same size.

     step 1

    Step 2

    Step 2:

    Once all of the prep work is done you can begin to make your cuts! They should be fairly simple, just make sure you use a pencil with a dark line so that you can see it well enough. I also recommend using fabric scissors that are very sharp. The cotton fabrics are all woven so you want to prevent fraying!

    Step 3


    Step 3:

    After all of your fabric is cut, begin to pin your pennants on your trim. You can use all different types of trim, I would recommend measuring your bulletin board to figure out how long you’d like to make yours. Leave 5 1/2” on each side for hanging purposes. Begin to place the pennants neatly; I placed mine 4” apart from each other. Make sure you place them with the right side facing down, you will be sewing the trim overtop of the pennants.

    Step 3

    Step 3-2

    Step 4:

    Begin to sew each pennant onto the trim, sew on the upper edge back tacking, and do this for all pennants. Sew the bottom edge as well so the pennants lay flat on the trim.

    Step 4

    Step 4-2

    Step 5:

    Fold each edge of trim on the ends over about an inch; sew this down to have a neat edge on each side.

     Step 5

    Hang up your newly decorated banner to add color and life to your bulletin board.  You can also use a few on the pennants you cut out to decorate your notes and to keep you reminded of what’s going on throughout the semester.

     final 1

    Final 2


    DIY pillow


    Items needed


    1 yd. fabric


    Measuring tape



    Pillow form  


    This pillowcase tutorial is very easy to make, this is a great beginner’s project.  Make a few and they will make for a great dorm room decor idea! Not to mention a very comfy bed or lounging area! ZzZzZ

    Step 1: I started out with a 14" X 14" pillow form.  Add 1" to the width of you measurements for seam allowance.  For the length double it and add 6". This will allow for the overlapping of the sham and seam allowance.  The final measurements I cut on my pillow were 34" X 15".


    Step 2: Next, on the short sides,chalk in a .5" seam allowance turn your edge over .5” , pin and iron. Then, chalk another .5",  turn it over on the .5" , pin and iron. Then, sew the seam along the edge. Do the same thing to the other short side. For the long sides, only chalk a .5" seam allowance on both long sides.





    Step 3: Once your short sides are hemmed, lay your fabric on the table right side up. Take your pillow form, place it in the middle of your fabric, and fold your fabric over your pillow.



    Step 4: Make sure the fabric is lined up on either side and fits snug around the pillow. Then, pin the two flaps of fabric together on either side.


    Now, slide the pillow out of the fabric and pin both sides of the fabric together along the sides.


    Step 5: Now, sew a straight line along the .5" seam allowance you previously chalked along the edges you have pinned. After you’ve sewn both sides, turn your pillowcase right side out through the open flap you have in the middle.




    Insert the pillow into the case through the open flap and you're all done!




    DIY Curtains

    Items needed




    Measuring tape

    For tutorial purposes I am going to create curtains but on a smaller scale. You can use this tutorial to make ones to fit your windows but be sure to measure your windows and cut your fabric relating to your measurements.

    Step 1: First, Iron your fabric; sew a half-inch seam allowance around all sides, excluding the bottom.


    Step 2: After you have completed your hem, fold the top of your fabric down about 3”. This is for the rod to be entered through when hanging. Sew where the end of the fabric meets when folded over.



    Hang out your curtains, if they are to long you can always hem the bottom to your liking. If they fit to size, be sure to hem them atlas 1/2" to complete a finished look.



    DIY Poof Ottoman


    Items Needed




    Measuring tape



    I suggest making a larger one then I am here, but to save time and materials I am going to make a smaller scale one.

    Step 1: Measure out a square size that you want, this will be the top and bottom of your ottoman. I used a 18" X 18" square. Cut 2 of these pieces out.

    Measure out the rectangle side panels now, you will need four.  You must use the same length as your square, I made mine a bit thinner. My measurements were 18" X 10". cut out four.


    Note: If you are making your own sizes be sure to incorporate seam allowance, I incorporated a .5" seam allowance in all of my measurements.

    Step 2: Connecting the side panels, with right sides together begin to pin the side panels all together, one after another. Sew these together with a .5" seam allowance.


    Step 3: Connecting the top, Right sides together begin to pin each side panel to the four edges of the top panel. You may have to move things around to be sure the four corners match up. Sew a .5" seam allowance around the four sides of the top panel.


    Step 4: Connecting the bottom, do the exact same thing for the bottom as you did for the top, except when sewing you are going to leave a large opening on one of the side panels. After you've sewn a .5" seam allowance around all bottom edges( with the exception of the opening) turn your ottoman right side out.



    Step 5: You may have to use a pencil to point out all of the corners to insure it is completely right side out. Begin to stuff your ottoman, stuff it as much as you can.



    Step 6: it is easiest to hand sew the opening closed, after you have done this you are all done!


    Enjoy !!


    DIY tapestry

    Items Needed


    1 Panel fabric


    Step 1: Get a panel fabric to have a large print tapestry. If you’d like you can keep the edges unfinished, but for a more neat look hem the edges about ½ “ or 1”.




    DIY Seat Cover


    Items needed:

    1 Yd fabric


    measuring tape



    Items neeeded

    Step 1: Measure the hight and width of your chair that you'd like to cover. Add 1" seam allowance to both the length and width. Add about 2 inches to the length of the fabric to make room for the draping over the top of the chair.

    Step 1

    Step 2: Pin & Sew 1/2" hem to both ends of the fabric, so the bottom has a finished look.

    Step 2

    Step 3: Fold right sides together and sew a 1/2" seam to both sides. This is to close the seat cover.

    Step 3

    Turn your seat cover right side out and slip over your chair!

    After 1

     Your dorm room will be extremely unique with all of your hand made creations! Follow these tutorials or use it as inspiration to make your dorm room feel like home.

  • Inspired Again


    For one of my last projects during my internship at Mood Fabrics, I was inspired to create a dress, pretty similar to the last one I made, for my birthday.  I was only able to create the bodice of the dress. I wanted to incorporate sleeves, trimming, and a super cool collar! Sadly, due to a time constraint, I wasn't able to finish it. Instead, I made a written blog post for that week, and a black velvet dress the following. Now I'm kinda stuck with the fabric I was using from two weeks ago. I was so uninspired to create anything. After a little time and thought, it came to me. Just because I didn't have a completed dress I wanted, that doesn't mean I didn't have a finished garment! My unfinished dress became a pretty cool long sleeveless blazer! This post will more so be focused on how to regain  inspiration for a project versus the actual tutorial for the garment. 

    Sometimes when creating a project, we run into certain obstacles that can easily turn us off from it completely! We either get busy and lose focus, don't really know what to add or remove, or just simply lose interest in the project altogether. It's just like having writer's block and never wanting to return to the story. Well how do you get it back? By stepping away, and coming back with an open mind.


    One of the best examples of coming back with new ideas from being uninspired is shown in the world of Sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion, which is slowly on the rise, is the use of eco-friendly and recycled resources to help create entirely new projects! Take a quick trip to google and do a little research on this topic. Look for famous designers and trends in this fashion world. You may just get inspired again! =)


    If I would've continued to believe I had nothing to work with, I probably wouldn't have saw the blazer I basically had. All I had to do was create a few hems and...


    Fabric Used: 

    Theory Black Stretch Cotton Twill

    Vogue Easy Options Long Shirt Pattern


    Voila! A long sleeveless blazer created on accident! It's great for the remainder of Summer and can be a vital piece for the coming Fall. I folded and stitched down the shape of the collar and it created a really nice accent to the blazer. Again, unintentional!

    And then, I made this....


    Fabric Used:

    White Cotton Twill

    Coral Solid Satin

    Nothing too special. Thinking it could be used as a beach cover up or even a shawl for a formal gown. I just sewed two fabrics together, cut two armholes, and voila! What a collage, huh?

    Giving up is the easy part. Getting inspired is the challenge. Let us know what you get inspired to recreate or conjure up!

  • DIY Dorm Decor

    Get inspired by this collage to create the perfect decked out dorm room!

    Use these fabrics to replicate this dorm room for a cozy and comfortable environment all semester long.

    diy dorm

    Above is an inspiration for a women's dorm room. Use your imagination with creating your dream dorm room. Use a variety of textural fabrics and colors to create pillows, blankets, duvet cover, curtains, headboard, seat covers and many more items for your interior space. Dorm rooms can be small and cold at first, once you add all of your fantastic creations, your room will feel just like home.

    diy dorm mensHere we have a cooler combination for a men's dorm room.  This room consist of a variety of soft fabrics perfect for lounging with cool coloration. Adding bold patterns can give a dorm room life. Create duvet covers, wall hangings, blankets, throws, sheets, pillows and even curtains.

    Create your own dorm room with your sewing skills! Be unique and have a great dorm room experience with items that you made. Check out the other fabrics Mood has to offer for more ideas!

  • Imagining the Possibilities: Silks for Spring

    Here's a chicken/egg question for you home sewers: Which do you decide on first when you're thinking about your next project? The fabric or the design? As home sewers ourselves we find we split about 50/50 on this one. Sometimes a really great fabric will catch our eye (a daily occurrence when you work for Mood), and sometimes we'll lead with a design or pattern. No matter what the starting point. dreaming up the next sewing project is always fun.

    Right now we're thinking about sewing for spring. So we asked our silk department here at Mood NYC to pick their five top silks of the moment, and then we paired them with suggested looks. Read on!

    Silk Swatches

    From left to right, we have everything from floaty silk chiffon to a more substantial textured metallic lame.  Our inspiration comes from from the runway to retail to sewing patterns:

    Giambattista Valli Blouse, via net-a-porter.com Giambattista Valli Blouse, via net-a-porter.com

    Swatch #1: Seashell pink and cool beige in coloring, our silk chiffon is just begging to be a flowing tunic or caftan, don't you agree? This Giambattista Valli blouse has just the right lines for our look. Online, we have a lightweight double chiffon with a sandy, faux bois print. You could also turn up the volume with a bold ikat print, like this pomegranate-colored Oscar de la Renta organza.

    Silk 2- Carolina Herrera Dress Carolina Herrera Spring 2013

    Swatch #2: Dress it up or dress it down, this plum-colored silk is to die for. It could be anything from a work-ready blouse to a cocktail ensemble. The metallic stripes remind us of this orange dress hot off of Carolina Herrera's Spring 2013 runway. If you prefer a bit more shimmer, we have this iridescent silk chiffon which goes from mulberry to gold. For something a bit more solid, try this gorgeous purple silk shantung.

    Silk 3- Donna Karan topper Bergdorf Goodman Donna Karan, via Bergdorf Goodman

    Swatch #3: This lightweight, gunmetal silk gives the illusion of texture, but is really just printed. How cool is that? Blouses, dresses and scarves would all make this fabric shine, but we think that this Donna Karan open topper is just perfection. Our swatch has a bit more of a fluid, shawl-like drape. Want some shimmer and stretch? Try this lightweight metallic jersey. If a lightweight silk-blend is more your speed, we have a versatile woven that's sure to please.

    Salme Pleated Front Dress Salme Pleated Front Dress

    Swatch #4: The fourth swatch is a vibrant orange-and-brown organza that is so very beautiful. We'd make a look that will seamlessly transition from day to dinner with Salme Patterns Pleated Front Dress. Get a similar look with this Oscar de la Renta turquoise and rust organza from our online store. If you'd like to walk on the wild side, make a flowy blouse with this animal print silk chiffon.

    Vogue 8729 Vogue 8729

    Swatch #5: As soon as we saw this saw this lovely, pale pink silk organza we knew it was destined to be evening wear. Use it as overlay for a ball skirt or a full-length evening gown. We're partial to Vogue 8729, which has both options. Online, we have this lightweight silk organza whose pink is just a touch more vibrant. If you're looking for a bit of oomph, this Isabel Toledo silk organza has a pronounced texture that wows.

    Questions about any of the fabrics swatches shown here? Shoot us an email at info2@moodfabrics.com.