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lace trim

  • Mood DIY: Lace Bralette

    I think the summer trend of bralette's is super cute, and I couldn't wait to try one of my own. While I opted to use some fabric with lace trim that I had, Mood has a great selection of lace trim that might make your job a little easier and be more cost effective. Now, there are a ton of tutorials on Youtube, but you can feel free to use a template for the cups from one of my favorite fellow bloggers (apairandaspare). Can't wait to see how yours turns out. Lace Bralette 1  Lace Bralette 2 SUPPLIES: Lace fabric or trim, silk lining fabric, straight edge/tape measure, needle and thread, 2 hook and eyes, pencil, elastic, scissors, straight pins, and a sewing machine. Lace Bralette 3A HOW-TO: 1. While I used fabric with a lace border, you can also use lace trim. Cut out 4 total pieces for the cups (you can follow this pattern as a guide). Be sure to give yourself at least a quarter inch for seam allowance. 2. Next, sew the two cups together. 3. After that you'll measure the area right below the breast to determine length of band. Cut out desired amount. 4. Make sure the scalloped edge is aligned how you want it below the cups and then pin the strip of fabric you just cut into place below the cups. 5. After you have the shape of your bralette all sewn together, next lay it on top of your lining and outline the form (Note: I sew it size, because you'll sew the edge in a bit). 6. Cut your form out of the lining. 7. I don't own a serger, so here's the step where I sew a finished edge around my lining. 8. Pin the finished edge lining on to the back side of the bralette. Sew them together. 9. Lastly, hand stitch a couple of hook and eyes as closures.

    Lace Bralette 4

    Brandhyze Stanley is the chief voice of the award winning blog, Frugal-nomics.com; a platform designed to share with women how to live and look fabulous on a dime. A DIY girl at heart—Brandhyze has been featured on Dr. Oz, The View, The Today Show, InStyle Magazine, Essence Magazine, and MTVStyle. A Wilhelmina Model for over a decade, with a Business Degree from Loyola University Chicago, Brandhyze provides DIY content to the popular How-To Site, eHow; and has been a contributor for the Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Super Money, Good Housekeeping, and Newsday Westchester, to name a few. Brandhyze is a huge thrifter and a lover of all good deals, follow her on Twitter @MyFrugalnomics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/Frugalnomics.

  • DIY Raschel Lace Bralette

    Bralettes. Perfect for summer, ridiculously expensive and a breeze to make. Making your own allows you to customize the fit, look, and feel of the materials in addition to giving you to option of creating coordinates. With the amount of money you spend on one bralette, you can buy the materials to make the bralette and a vast array of matching underwear to suit your fancy on any given day. 'Sew' lets get started!
    Supplies Needed Supplies Needed
    Supply List: How to:
    Step 1. Step 1.

    Step 1. After printing your pattern and cutting it out, pin the paper together to try for size. Once you have the correct size pattern pieces, lay them on your fabric and cut two pairs out of the power mesh as well as the lace. You will have a total of 8 pieces. NOTE: Be sure to cut both a left and right cup; this requires pinning 1 pair of patterns right side up  to the face of your lace and then pinning the other pair of patterns again face down on the face of your lace . Also if you choose a lace that is not stretchy, cut your pieces on the bias to insure they have optimal stretch. I chose to line the bralette with power mesh for added support. 

    Step 2. Step 2.

    Step 2. I advise that you baste your face and lining pieces together for ease when sewing the cups. Also note that I accidentally cut two left cups my first time around and in my frustration forgot to re-shoot my step!

    Step 3. Step 3.

    Step 3. Pin each of your pairs together making sure you have the correct pieces for each side and sew up the center seam.

    Step 4. Step 4.

    Step 4. Decide how much trim is need for the edges of your cups. Place two lengths of the fine lace trim right sides together and sew them on the diagonal to create a neat V, press open.

    Step 5. Step 5.

    Step 5. Pin the trim around each of your cups and sew.

    Step 6. Step 6.

    Step 6. After measuring your under bust and deciding on how much 5/8" stretch velvet ribbon you need, pin the cups side by side in the center of your waist band. The smaller triangles should be touching in the center and the seam should aline down the center of your breast.  I encourage you to hold it to your body for any necessary adjustments.

    Step 7. Step 7.

    Step 7. Pin the band right sides together and sew. After deciding how long you need your straps (somewhere around 14"), pin the 1/4" velvet ribbon to the top of the cup as well as to the back of the band. Each strap should be joined 2.5" from the center of the back of the band or loop the strap around the band and sew making the straps free moving.

    Finished Bralette Finished Bralette

    Trim all of your fly away threads and enjoy!

  • Mood DIY: Eyelet Shorts

    A lot of DIY's that I see and do require a sewing machine for that polished look....for this one, I wanted to "level the playing field" for everyone and offer up  something that was super cute, but no-sew.  These lace shorts say it all. They are so feminine and fun, and are great for a date night or brunch with friends.  With so much lace at Mood Fabrics....there's a pair of shorts for every occasion. Check them out! Lace Shorts 1ALace Shorts 5Lace Shorts 3SUPPLIES: shorts, needle and thread, fabric glue, lace trim, and scissors. Editor's note: Eyelet trims available on Mood stores and online at MoodFabrics.com.

    Lace Shorts 4HOW-TO: I didn't want to pay a lot for a pair of shorts, so I started with a pair of men's boxers. I then rolled the waist down, took in the sides, hemmed them, and hand stitched them to this new fit that I liked. Quick and easy. 1. Take a piece of lace trim and measure around the circumference of one thigh. Cut it. I wanted this first piece to drape below the hem line of the shorts, so add a line of glue and go ahead and set the first piece in place (Note: Make sure the seam is on the inner thigh). 2. Continue to add pieces along the inner thigh -- I used four. 3. Here you see the four rows I have done around each leg, trying to be careful where the seams lined up in the inner thigh area. Next, you'll want to start placing entire strips around the entire pair of shorts (Note: I alternated which side my seam was on). 4. It got a little tricky the higher I went up, so I opted to put the shorts on so I could fill them out and make sure they weren't too tight. So I kept them on and glued on the trim as I got closer to the waist band. There you have it! Lace Shorts 6A

    Brandhyze Stanley is the chief voice of Frugal-nomics.com; a platform designed to share with women how to live and look fabulous on a dime. A DIY girl at heart—Brandhyze has been featured on The View, The Early Show, The Today Show, InStyle Magazine, Essence Magazine, and MTVStyle. A Wilhelmina Model for the past a decade, with a Business Degree from Loyola University Chicago, Brandhyze is a Fashion & Style Writer and former Video Contributor for Newsday Westchester, and provides DIY content to the popular How-To Site, eHow. Brandhyze is a huge thrifter and a lover of all good deals, follow her on Twitter @MyFrugalnomics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/Frugalnomics.

  • Halloween Contest Entry #60

    Dina K's Raven Costume

    Dina K's Raven Costume

    Dina K used a gorgeous black lace trim for the mask and black feather trim for the wrist cuffs and the choker for her Raven Costume.
    For more information on how to enter the Mood Fabrics 2011 Halloween Costume Contest and complete contest rules for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to MoodFabrics.com please visit www.moodfabrics.com/halloween2011/ Rate your favorite costume below!