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nautical stripes

  • Mood DIY: Striped Boat Neck Dress

    I've always loved boat neck dresses, and yet don't think I own a single one. How can that be?! Welp, that had to change and I thought stripes would be the perfect way to incorporate it. So, I pursued the cotton jersey aisle at Mood Fabrics and found this bold striped fabric that would hug in the all the right places. I was all set. Tell me what necklines you think flatter you best, below.  Striped Boat Neck Dress 1French Stripe Boat Neck Dress 2 French Stripe Boat Neck Dress 3

    French Stripe Boat Neck Dress 6

    SUPPLIES: straight pins, tape, pencil, paper, scissors, striped fabric, and dress for a pattern. French Stripe Boat Neck Dress 4HOW-TO:

    1. Use a dress that you already love to create a pattern -- I liked two dresses, and created a pattern I started here for the bottom, and made a new pattern for the top portion. 2. I folded back the excess pieces from the previous pattern (You can completely skip Step #1 if you have one dress you like). So, here's what I wound up with. 3. Double up your striped fabric, pin your pattern to it, and then cut it out. 4. Go ahead and sew up the shoulders and sides of the dress. 5. Use your straight pins to hem the neckline and bottom hem for a finished edge. 6. I left the raw armholes --I liked that better. But now, all you have to do is go ahead and sew up the neck and bottom hem and you're all set. Tada! French Stripe Boat Neck Dress 5

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  • 5 Things To Invest In For Spring 2010 To Update Any Wardrobe

    For Spring 2010 the trends stray away from the edginess of seasons past and revert back to classics. What makes Spring 2010 so great is that you will be able to find many styles that will last you a lifetime, not just a season. TRENCH COAT: First piece that will last you from Spring to Fall is a basic trench coat. This is such an easy and versatile piece which is easy to find at a variety of price points. Wear a trench over a floral dress, striped sweater, or oversized boyfriend shirt with jeans and you have a chic put together look. If you already have a trench coat, or prefer a more unique option, you can opt for a sleeveless trench coat, which you can wear as a dress. This style won’t be as easy to find as your basic trench coat but it can be a simple DIY by removing the sleeves.

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