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  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Sewing Class

    KK-class Noted instructor and couture designer Kenneth D. King teaching a seminar at Mood NYC.
    1. When you learn in person from a respected teacher it sinks in more and sticks in your brain
    2. You have the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions of the instructor, so you get personalized advice
    3. You can learn from experts about specific topics, such as lingerie, swimwear or lace
    4. Seeing a demo in real life beats watching a video tutorial any day
    5. Instructors bring samples with them, which you can examine up close
    6. Sometimes instructors will go off-topic, but in such a way that you ending learning even more than you anticipated
    7. Other students will often share tips and insights that you can borrow
    8. A good instructor will inspire you and encourage you in ways that you can't glean from a book or video
    9. Taking a class is a great way to meet fellow sew-aholics and fabric junkies
    10. People who take classes from experienced instructors are better sewers (Ok, we don't have any statistical proof for this one but we're confident it's true.)
    Why are these people smiling? Because taking sewing classes at Mood LA is so much fun! (Aren't you glad we didn't write "sew much fun"? We resisted the urge.) Why are these people smiling? Because taking sewing classes at Mood LA is so much fun! (Aren't you glad we didn't write "sew much fun"? We resisted the urge.)

    Mood Fabrics LA has an incredible sewing school area, complete with Janome sewing machines and more. This store offers a wide array of classes, from free beginner sewing classes to specialized topic classes, like fashion illustration. Kids as young as eight can also take children's and teen sewing classes at Mood LA. Classes have been enormously popular at Mood LA since the new location at 645 S. La Brea Avenue opened earlier this year.

    Mood Fabrics NYC, while it doesn't yet have the space for a classroom with sewing machines, does offer a wide array of sewing and design seminars taught by industry professionals. Upcoming classes at Mood NYC include basic fitting techniques, sewing swimwear, pressing like a pro, and the birth of a bustier. Kenneth D. King, Susan Khalje, Sarai Mitnick, Sarah Veblen, Emily Blumenthal and Brett Bara are just a few of the noted instructors who've taught here.

    (Personally, I saw my own sewing competence increase dramatically after I spent four days sewing under the guidance of Kenneth D. King and Susan Khalje at one of their sit-and-sew sessions. It was like I finally abandoned the bunny hill and started skiing on the black diamond slopes. I sit in on as many of Mood's seminars as I can, just to keep learning and fine-tuning my sewing skills.)

    Have we convinced you yet to venture out of the comfort of your sewing area and take a class? We hope so! Check out page to see our classes in NYC and LA. And don't wait too long to sign up, as classes fill up quickly. [NOTE: If you have trouble with this link, which is happening in some mobile environments, please go to moodfabrics.com and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Click on "CLASSES." This will bring you to the right page to see NYC and LA classes.]

    Hey, leave us a comment here letting us know what classes or seminars you'd be interested in taking. We're always open to suggestions!