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  • Trend Report: 2016 Recap

    We're in the thick of winter, and that means it's time to layer and bundle up! This coming year's styles play with thinner and thicker fabrics, which lets you bundle up with layers or go big with one huge and independent style. From trench coats to tiered designs, long pieces are the highlight of this coming year, so make sure to stock up!

    Long Coats

    David Michael | Spring Ready-to-Wear 2017 David Michael | Spring Ready-to-Wear 2017
    Carry your trench coat style over to the next season! Lots of designers fashioned this look out of thinner fabrics to make wearing light and easy with the coming warm weather--long enough to shield against the wind and light enough to keep from overheating.

    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:

    Slit Skirt Dresses

    Michael Kors Collection | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Michael Kors Collection | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Slit skirts and dresses are a sophisticated style that look great on both long and shorter skirts. They make your silhouette look long and lean and can be paired with a number of skirt shapes from pencil to empire styles! Longer skirts are better for formal settings, but a shorter skirt like the one above can work in a more casual setting.
    Nicole Millder | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Nicole Miller | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Slit style skirts are also a great opportunity for showing off a pair of your favorite shoes. With the exposed look from the slit, attention is drawn to the legs and feet and giving the chance to highlight great footwear! Don't be afraid to use a busy pattern either. Find the right pattern and it can make your design really stunning.
    Tome | Spring 2017 Resort Tome | Spring 2017 Resort
    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:

    Coat Dresses

    Giamba | Spring 2017 Resort Giamba | Spring 2017 Resort
    More coat styles! Lots of styles were spruced up in sportswear with coat dresses. Their bulky design can be a blessing in this chilly weather, but it's also good for transition weather like in the spring.
    Victor Alfaro | Spring 2017 Resort Victor Alfaro | Spring 2017 Resort
    Paired with pants or leggings and this is great for cooler weather, or you can sport it in mild temperatures, too! It's another pretty adaptable look.
    T by Alexander Wang | Spring 2017 Resort T by Alexander Wang | Spring 2017 Resort
    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:

    Plunge Neckline

    A popular look from the 2017 line-up included both reserved and daring plunge necklines. From mock to true designs, we've seen potential in plunge necklines for the coming year!
    Kate Spada New York | Spring 2017 Resort Kate Spada New York | Spring 2017 Resort
    Lots of formal styles with this neckline are usually left open, but don't be afraid to adapt the style to the season and wear a shirt underneath to cover up and keep warm! Use a neutral or skin tone underneath and you won't have to worry about taking away any emphasis from the plunge's design.
    Tome | Spring 2017 Resort Tome | Spring 2017 Resort
    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:


    Strutting fancy and elegant, ruffles were accented everywhere from sleeves to collars. Loose and flowing like the ones below, these shorter ruffles bring an air of femininity to any look!
    Kate Spade New York | Spring 2017 Resort Kate Spade New York | Spring 2017 Resort
    Sea | Spring 2017 Resort Sea | Spring 2017 Resort
    Tome | Spring 2017 Resort Tome | Spring 2017 Resort
    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:

    Tiered Pieces

    Both tops and bottoms showcased tiers incorporated into their designs. We saw this style experimented with last year towards the fall and winter seasons, but now they’re starting to really blossom from these designers!
    Roksanda | Spring 2017 Resort Roksanda | Spring 2017 Resort
    Gathered sections and color blocking can be used to accent and project a tiered look for pieces, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of these styles. Both look wonderful!
    See by Chloe | Spring 2017 Resort See by Chloe | Spring 2017 Resort
    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:


    Rag & Bone | Spring 2017 Resort 2017 Rag & Bone | Spring 2017 Resort 2017
    Have you ever donned an asymmetrical look? These designs can be quite refreshing from your usual balanced styles, so if you haven’t tried one yet, consider a dress with an asymmetric neckline or top with mismatched sleeves.
    Vionnet | Spring 2017 Resort Vionnet | Spring 2017 Resort
    A one-sided accent or flourished hemline can also be a great way to make a piece asymmetrical. It doesn’t need to be too big or loud—sometimes smaller details speak large volumes for fashion. For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!:

    Women in Menswear

    Women in menswear has been popular for decades, and it’s always nice to see men’s recent designs applied to women’s fashion, too. Below we have this past fall’s cropped pants style paired with a fitted blazer for a sharp and masculine women’s suit. The tapered hemline of the pants narrows your silhouette for a fantastic business style.
    3.1 Phillip Lim | Spring 2017 Resort 3.1 Phillip Lim | Spring 2017 Resort
    And if looser pants are more your game, try a loose trouser with a fitted jacket. The contrast between the waistline and the trouser will slim the appearance of your waist and give your bottom half a weighted appeal!
    Celine | Spring 2017 Resort Celine | Spring 2017 Resort
    For some fabric inspirations for these styles, try these!: And that's the forecast for now! What highlights are your favorites? Are you looking forward to adding any of these styles into your wardrobe?
  • Zodiac Gift Guide

    Zodiac sign readings and horoscopes might not always be completely accurate, but they can be fun to look up and share with others! They give little insights to the type of person you might feel you are, or they might just give you another perspective to see things from that you hadn't thought of before. A fresh look is always exciting, so we wanted to put together a kind of fabric horoscope that would do this for everyone to try! Combined with DIYs and other sources of inspiration linked for your convenience, we've tried to narrow down and tailor a fabric and design for each Zodiac Sign that could help you find a style choice for yourself, or even for a friend or loved one as a gift! Take a look below and see which of our sign designs you like best! No one is made up of a single Zodiac sign, so don't be surprised if you find yourself loving more than one! There are only positive vibes in these designs--have fun with it!

    Aries: Sequins, high energy, and bright colors!

    Aries signs are usually know for being very self-motivated and passionate, and that energy should shine out! We think sequins fit them for this purpose! Sequins glitter in any light and make a statement the moment they're seen, which can be a great asset. Take a look at our latest stock of sequin fabrics and trims here! Bright colors would fit this sign as well. If sequins aren't your thing, a bright, strong color can be just as effective for showing off that confident personality. Consider this DIY, especially if you're iffy on sporting a sequin piece! There's no shame in going for a more mature or muted design. You can look just as fierce in this style!

    And with all that energy to use, plenty of you probably try to keep up with a daily workout plan! (If you don't already, consider trying it out for fun!) This phone case armband DIY will make it easy to keep in touch during your workouts or to carry your music with you. Music can make a world of difference during a workout and can be a great motivator for both pros and novices!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Milan Fashion Week | Spring 2017


    Taurus: Tweeds, stable but comforting and warm!

    Taurus is known for being a sturdy sign where comfort and stability are key! A warm skirt or jacket made of tweed will last forever if you take good care of it (and Taurus signs will!) and they'll look professional. The muted colors tweeds usually come in will also give off a mature appearance. Take a look at our latest stock of tweed fabrics here! Consider this color-block wool skirt DIY if you have little experience with working with tweeds! Practical and comfortably conservative, this skirt is easy to assemble and will maintain a long lifespan with you!

    And when you're ready to bundle up at home and take that time for yourself, consider doing so with this handy reading pillow! Fashioned with multiple pockets for storing writing and/reading materials, this pillow project is great at multi-tasking as it is at relaxing! (Plus it's super cute!)

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Fall 2016 Office Fashion and Styles


    Gemini: Brocades, versatile, and creative!

    Geminis have a lot going on in their heads creatively, and fashion is a great medium to express that through! Fabrics that are organized with a lot of detail are great for this purpose! Some might think these styles are too "busy," but when crafted carefully (and with your natural expertise!) into your style, they can look stunning! Brocades are perfect for this! Fabrics with duality are also appealing for these signs, because it allows them to switch up the style without having to find a new piece! Take a look at our latest stock of brocade fabrics here! Consider this bomber jacket DIY for a versatile design that can keep up with your need for something refreshing! Reversible and beautiful, a brocade bomber jacket will be just the thing you've been looking to add to your wardrobe!

    Another hidden gem to add to your accessory collection is a cord and chain bracelet! Though small in size, a bright and colorful piece of jeweley can bring your entire look together!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Trend Report | Fall 2016


    Cancer: Performance Fabrics, energetic, and positive!

    Cancer signs are sensitive to the energy and emotions around them, and that sensitivity comes out best through positive interaction and activities! Hobbies like dancing and working out are natural outlets for you, which is why performance fabrics are a great fit! The more the fabric and outfit flows, the better, and it'll follow with you as you dance your way through your day. Take a look at our latest stock of performance fabrics here! Athletic and charismatic, Cancer signs feel best when they're sharing their excitement and energy with others, making you one of the best influences on the people around you. Solid, bright colors are good, but a print will help you reach out well, too! Consider this DIY for a flowing skirt and matching crop top that won't restrict your blinding and sweet personality! Continue sharing your positive outlook and it will come back to you!

    This adorable watermelon purse will bring an extra slice of energy to your wardrobe! With its shine and bright colors, just looking at it will lift your spirits!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: New York Fashion Week | Spring 2017


    Leo: Faux furs, intelligent, and warm tones!

    Strong and confident are the usual qualities of this sign's focus, but they're more than just a proud face! Their intelligence is what makes them so strong-minded, and their confidence is what drives their action-oriented personalities. But for all their motivation , they can also be reserved and quiet in their personalities, eager to be there for others. Faux fur is show-stopping and needs a wearer who's bold enough to wear such a fabric confidently! Combined with warm tones, this fabric's style shows off the inviting personalities of Leos. Take a look at our latest stock of faux fur fabrics here! Consider this DIY for a simple but powerful faux fur vest piece! It's a stylish garment that will make you look and feel like a rock star that the world is waiting to see.

     What better way to show off your intelligent disposition than with a neck tie or bow tie? Try this DIY with a paisley fabric to add a more familiar or personable touch to your image!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Brocades on the Runway .

    Virgo: Viscose, reliable, and modest!

    Virgo signs are loyal and positively analytical, making them reliable and dependable friends! Their desire to be prepared fuels this reliable quality, and while they prioritize being ready for most situations, they see this as merely a logical way to live. This makes them a fairly modest and admirable people. Viscose fabrics are both comfortable and adaptable, which fits Virgo signs well! Viscose has great stretch so it can conform and flow when needed, and its subtle sheen makes it a beautiful addition for many designs! Take a look at our latest stock of  viscose fabrics here! Consider this t-shirt dress DIY for a cute and comfy look to make with your favorite Viscose fabrics!

    And for all the modest and reserved design one might think of along with a Virgo, shake it up with an accessory that stands out! Design your own faux fur pompom key-chain and show off to the world that you may be dependable, but you don't mind spoiling yourself from time-to-time, too (which is good!).

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Fall Pantone Forecast


    Libra: Velvets, balanced fabrics, and soft textures!

    Libra signs are probably the softest and most cooperative sign, generally speaking, and they're good at being around other people (because they love to be around them!). They are a very balanced sign in that they can get along with most kind and good-natured people easily, making them very pleasant company. A nice Lyons velvet or stretch velvet could be great for this sign! The colors that velvet comes in are usually easy on the eyes, which is pleasing to both the wearer and passersby. Velvets are also soft, which would be comfortable to the gentle minds of the Libra sign. Take a look at our latest stock of  velvet fabrics here! Consider making a velvet dress with this DIY! This dress has a lovely flare and a tapered fit that's perfect for the fall season.

    For a little bit more flare, add an accessory like these tassel earrings! Another simple assembly project, these earrings will jump your ensemble up from casual to dazzling!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week | Spring 2017


    Scorpio: Leathers, resourceful, and wise!

    Scorpios are a brilliant sign known for being the truest of friends, and their passion for others makes them resourceful and assertive when they need to protect others. They are wise with their loyalty and honest in all their efforts. Truth can be a big deal to them. This is why leather fabrics fit them so well! Leathers are worn and beautiful, and they're strength makes them durable and long-lasting. Take a look at our latest stock of  leather and faux leather fabrics here! For a brave and confident sign like this, a style has to match to them! We think this bomber jacket with a twist DIY would be perfect for Scorpio, because it takes a bold and confident person to both create and pull off this style! Scorpios who are confident about strutting through in a jacket like this will look fantastic!

    Don't think we've forgotten about the leather! A hand-crafted bag like this messenger bag/backpack combination DIY is what a Leo might be looking for! Multi-styled accessories like this are hard to come by, just like true friends!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Satin Draping


    Sagittarius: Guipure Lace, a extroverted, and enthusiastic!

    A wandering soul with a heart for exploring, Sagittarius signs enjoy their freedom! This sign is very extroverted and loves engaging with people and the outside world, and being dressed for it is important! Things like statement pieces and conversation starters are perfect for this sign. Other great pieces are ornate fabrics for going out to socialize, like guipure lace! With scalloped edges and geometric designs, these intricate fabrics are gorgeous and stand out in a crowd. This complex design will reflect this sign's complex and interesting personality! Take a look at our latest stock of  guipure lace fabrics here! Consider trying this Lace Kimono DIY for a quick and easy garment that looks beautiful and stunning!

    And to mix it up a bit, try dressing up a simple shirt or dress collar with a hand-made removable collar! These are a lovely way to play up your look without making any permanent alterations to your clothing--no strings attached!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Abstract Prints


    Capricorn: Cotton prints, honest, and rational!

    Capricorn signs are wonderful people who should be valued for their directness and honesty! Interacting with people like this is easy, because you never have to second guess what they're thinking--they'll tell you themselves! Their presence can be comforting in that way, and they'll always help in the most rational way they can see themselves. Their truthful efforts make them responsible and capable people, and their self-control is admirable. A fabric like cotton--tried, traditional, and true--is a perfect fit for this sign! Sport a cotton print to add a little style without having to put in too much extra effort (though they'll appreciate the extra effort, too!). Take a look at our latest stock of cotton prints fabrics here! Consider this plaid flannel shirt DIY to make for yourself or someone you know! Flannel and cotton shirts are pieces that can look incredible when their corners are crisp and their designs are sleek. Take the time to carefully put together a shirt like this, and this sign will be thoroughly impressed to hear you made it yourself!

    While a bolder print may not be your thing, changing up your style or combining it with one that your comfortable with can be refreshing! Try making yourself a pair of these custom fit leggings for a chic and comfortable style!

    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: NYFW Fall Forecast | Spring 2017 .

    Aquarius: Silk Charmeuse, innovative, and elegant!

    Aquarians are often noted for their attention to detail and their never-ending effort to improve, even when others think they're already at their best! This is because they constantly have new ideas that they think their project would look better with, and they don't mind getting their hands a little dirty to do it. Hard work always pays off for this sign! But for all their readiness to do the hard labor, they'll appreciate looking good, too, because they're good enough to balance both! A beautiful silk charmeuse  fits this sign. There's nothing better than someone who can do hard work and look elegant doing it! Take a look at our latest stock of silk charmeuse fabrics here! Consider trying out this ribbon tie blouse DIY made with silk charmeuse! It's a cute and dainty style, but that doesn't meant you can't get down to business and be taken seriously wearing it! Show them how it's done!

    Consider this velvet choker DIY for making an every-day accessory that's subtle yet stylish. Hold your head high knowing you've got the right ideas to take on your day!


    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: Cotton Eyelets .

    Pisces: Silk Chiffons, artistic, and sophisticated!

    Truly a child of the arts, Pisces signs may thrive best through a creative outlet that lets them express emotions and their naturally intuitive thoughts! Clothing designs and styles that are too stiff or modern may seem boring, so look for or create your own patterns that help you feel right in your own skin. Ornate sleeves or decorative trims paired with smooth and shiny fabrics might fit your tastes better than others! A silk chiffon could be your perfect go-to fabric for this. These flow beautifully, feel smooth, and look like they're from a different time.  Take a look at our latest stock of silk chiffon fabrics here! Consider this buttoned sleeve shirt DIY that uses silk chiffon for a style that will make you feel both modern and elegant!

    For an accessory that incorporates aspects of nature or flowers, try making this fabric floral crown DIY! This is another cute and elegant piece to share!


    For some Other Inspirations, check out this Mood Trend Report: Trend Report: London Fashion Week | Spring 2017

  • All About Necklines

    Necklines_Graphic_Copy Variety and fashion go hand-in-hand, and that applies to necklines, too! Necklines are a great piece to play and experiment with for designing tops. You can go for function and practicality or focus on style and appearance--any everything in between! Necklines are one of the most defining features of a top, which is why they're so great to work with, and you can use them to make a huge statement for your ensemble.

    We've collected together some of the most popular and common necklines styles and drawn up examples to compare and contrast below. Take a look and share your thoughts on your favorite designs with us!




    A very common neckline, especially with store-brands. Circular in shape and has a flat collar that rests close to or on the clavicle. You could consider it one of the basic types of necklines, because it’s basically a neckline without a defined collar. This type of neckline can be great with almost any fabric, but is often found on knit shirts.          


    Another common neckline where the front half of the collar is angled down the center to form V-shape. It, too, is a common store-brand-type neckline and is usually a dressier design that the SCOOP NECKLINE. These can be made in many types of fabrics, but it’s especially good at keeping its shape in structured fabrics. The appearance is crisp and clean, making it very appealing and sharp!        


    A neckline that drops a little lower than a SCOOP or V-NECK NECKLINE and is basically a wider version of a SCOOP NECKLINE. It rests below the clavicle and is great for accentuating the chest. Because of the open space over the chest, these necklines are great for showing off necklaces as a statement piece!            


    Like the V-NECK NECKLINE in that it has a strong, defined shape to it. A SQUARE NECKLINE dips down and has the sharp structured outline of a square. Goes well for stiff fabrics, designs, and garments.              


    A neckline that is free at the shoulders and arms, is open at the back, and hangs from the neck alone. This is a common design in all kinds of garments from shirts and dresses to bathing suits. It’s a very feminine kind of neckline that looks great when showing off the shoulders and back. The strap around the neck can be detachable or a single piece, and is sometimes closed with ties and a bow. This design is used for both shirt and dress tops.        


    ASYMMETRICAL NECKLINES can vary in design. Some have a neckline paired with a strap, others have one side with a cut-out, or even a single-strap design—the list can go on. The point is to have the two sides designed differently, hence the asymmetry. These designs are great for more modern and stylish looks.          


    MOCK NECK NECKLINES have necklines that come up very high and sit above the clavicle, and they are finished with a thin, standing collar. These necklines are different from the turtle-neck collar design; the collar does not fold over.              


    These necklines sit lower than a MOCK NECK NECKLINE and have a flat collar that is more like a ribbed-knit trim. They look like the necklines of pullover sweaters and resemble a SCOOP NECKLINE. These are worn for comfort and are usually not incorporated into fancier designs.            


    Like a HALTER NECKLINE, but with an attached back. These necklines are a more conservative design, but they still retain the classy appeal. A high-standing collar paired with a HIGH NECK NECKLINE is a stunning look that is also great for showing off one’s arms.            


    BOAT NECK NECKLINES are another feminine design. Tops with this neckline rest from the shoulders and have a wide opening for the neckline that hangs just a bit in the front and back in a kind of bowed shape. This is where the “boat neck” image comes from, as in the underside of a boat. It’s a very elegant garment style that uses the larger volume of fabric to help the wearer look smaller and more petite.          


    Like an over-sized turtle neck design, a COWL NECKLINE sports a huge and loose collar that sits around the neck. The collar of these necklines is usually very long when stretched out, but they are intended to sit gathered around the neck. It’s a very comfortable style of fashion that’s great for knits and other soft-handed fabrics.          


    ILLUSION NECKLINES are one of the more decorative types of necklines that play with empty space. Paired with low-laying necklines, the empty space between the upper breast line and up to the neck is usually filled in with a sheer or see-through kind of fabric like lace or netting.            


    These necklines also sit low and are exactly what their name implies: necklines without straps. The actual shape of the neckline can vary (like STRAIGHT to SWEETHEART NECKLINES), but STRAPLESS designs are identified as any neckline design not supported with straps. Support for these types of necklines come instead in the form of things like boning, close-fitting cuts, and elastic.          


    A neckline that literally goes straight across the chest. This neckline doesn’t usually reach up to the clavicle or actual neck on the wearer, but sits just under the arms. It’s a popular design choice for dresses and gowns as a strapless design, but it's also paired with spaghetti straps just as often.            


    A strapless neckline design that gets its name from its “heart-shaped” hemline at the top of the bodice. These are often used on dresses and gowns as well as corsets and are especially popular for wedding gowns.              


    A PLUNGE NECKLINE is a neckline whose straps or front-facing bodice cuts deep down the middle of the chest to under the breast line. It’s not exactly a type of cut-out, but it does incorporate exposure into the design. This is a design that’s popular with gowns and dresses, and its straps are often gathered together, giving the cups of the shirt or dress top a pleated look.             What neckline designs have you incorporated into your projects before? Or if you haven't worked on shirts before, what necklines would you like to learn how to make or work with?
  • Fall 2016 Fashion Week Summary

    Fall Fashion Week has come to a close for this season! From cut-out styles to moto jackets, the line-up ranged from chic and edgy. Here are some of the most prominent trends to take away from this season.


    There were plenty of fabrics that popped up all over the runway, and suede was one of them! Suede always has strong presence in fashion, but it’s especially beloved during the Fall.
    Balmain | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Balmain | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Great in both bright and mature colors, suede has a beautiful and unique sheen to it that can really impress onlookers when added to your ensemble.
    McQ Alexander McQueen | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear McQ Alexander McQueen | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own suede looks with these fabrics from Mood:  

    Bomber Jackets

    Bomber jackets! Need I say more? A design I've come to consider a sibling to the moto jacket, bomber jackets are both stylish and comfortable. They look great in any color, and they're often adorned with a number of decorations like patches, embroidery, and more.
    Off-White | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Off-White | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    They also look great in almost any fabric! Want one in pleather? Go ahead! Satin? Absolutely. It all works, making this style very universal. It's a great addition to any wardrobe or ensemble, so it's no surprise that so many designers showcased them in their line-ups!
    3.1 Phillip Lim | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear 3.1 Phillip Lim | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own bomber jacket style with these fabrics from Mood:  

    Off-the-Shoulder Looks

    Elegance is key in off-the-shoulder designs, and the runway delivered! This look is great when made with a fabric that shines, so it satin is your game, take a chance to play with an off-the-shoulder dress or shirt! Or go with a knit for something looser and more comfortable!
    Marques Almeida | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Marques Almeida | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    These are a lovely way to show off the collarbone and shoulders while still be reserved and practical.
    Balmain | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Balmain | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own off-the-shoulder looks with these fabrics from Mood:  

    Moto Jackets

    These jackets were all over the show each week! They’ll probably never go out of style. The asymmetrical zipper of these jackets is an immediate tip-off to the style, and the tapered shape from the shoulders is a great way to accentuate one’s waistline.
    Rodarte | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Rodarte | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    If you’re looking for a way to dress bold, try adding a moto jacket to your wardrobe!
    Louis Vuitton | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Louis Vuitton | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own moto jacket style with these fabrics from Mood:  


    Pleather is a wonderful, wonderful thing! It gives off both great feel and presence of luxury. If you want to make an impression, pleather is a way to do it, and designers at Fashion Week took full advantage of this!
    Valentino | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Valentino | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Smooth, sleek, and great with a top-stitch, pleather is a great fashion ally!
    Loewe | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Loewe | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own styles with these fabrics from Mood:  


    Cut-out designs have to be one of my favorite fashion trends. The play with negative space is an artistic touch that draws the eye in a unique way, and when used skillfully, it can have you turning heads as you walk by.
    Louis Vuitton | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Louis Vuitton | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Solid, thick fabrics that will hold the shape well are best for designs like these, and it looks great in saturated and neutral colors.
    3.1 Phillip Lim | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear 3.1 Phillip Lim | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own cut-out styles with these fabrics from Mood:  

    Women in Menswear

    Everyone loves a man in uniform, but what about a woman? Rocking a well-tailored blazer or collar isn’t exclusive to men; the business feel of these styles is attractive on women, too!
    Celine | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Celine | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Sporting menswear styles can open a whole new door for your wardrobe to expand into, so take some inspiration from the Fashion Week designers and look into getting your hands on some of your own!
    A.F. Vandevorst | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear A.F. Vandevorst | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own styles with these fabrics from Mood:  

    Exaggerated Proportions

    Lastly, and possibly the most-seen style on the runway, was over-exaggerated proportions. Huge shoulders, wide pants, and long, long sleeves were all over Fashion Week, and it's probably one of the more new styles to have hit this season.
    Marques Almedia | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Marques Almedia | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Whether its design is practical or not, big sleeves are in, so take advantage of it and get warm and comfy as the weather gets colder!
    Fenty x Puma | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fenty x Puma | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Create your own big and long styles with these fabrics from Mood:   What styles are you looking forward to sewing this season? Was there another one from Fashion Week that you loved? Tell us about it!
  • Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week | Spring 2017

    This week is the last for Fall Fashion Week, and we saw a few favorites and new head-turners as the event comes to a close! Trendy jackets and flowing garments were prime pieces of the show for Paris designers, and we had to share them here! Kimono-style Jackets With loose sleeves and a cinched waist, kimono-style jackets have been popping up in plenty of designers’ lines. Kimono collars are perfect for when you want to make your neck look long and elegant, and the patterns and fabrics often used to make these types of jackets are never less than stunning.
    Paule Ka | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Paule Ka | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    From smooth satins to glimmering prints, kimono jackets are a wonderful addition to any ensemble or wardrobe.
    Balmain | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Balmain | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      If you’re thinking of making your own kimono jacket, check some of these fabrics to get inspired:  

    Wide Sleeves

    Big sleeves are always a comfortable fit, and their draped look flows beautifully. Graceful looks like these were sprinkled through many of the line-ups.
    Chloe | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Chloe | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Wide sleeves are nice, because they can help make you look and feel elegant. They can be made from all different fabrics, too.
    Stella McCartney | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Stella McCartney | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Need some ideas for making tops like these? Try these:

    Leather Jackets

    Straight-cut, embellished, or studded, leathers were a familiar and glamorous appearance for the show. Many leather fashions are still sporting motorcycle and bomber jackets, so if you haven’t grabbed one for yourself yet, there’s still time!
    Alexander McQueen | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Alexander McQueen | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    Leather is great with both suave and edgy styles, so they look good on practically anyone.
    Redemption | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Redemption | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Looking to make a leather jacket? Consider some of these fabrics (pleather is an option, too!):  

    Flowing Skirts

    Big, flowing skirts popped up in the beginning of the season, and they’re still going pretty strong. Now being paired with fitted tops like these, they lean more to the side of sophisticated than comfy like their early season counterparts.
    Talbot Runhof | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Talbot Runhof | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
    With a more business casual attire, these skirts can look very sleek.
    Y's Yohji Yamamoto | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Y's Yohji Yamamoto | Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
      Fabrics with good drapes like these would be perfect for a flowing skirt: What were you favorite designs from Paris Fashion Week? Do you have any plans for new sewing projects that were inspired by the trend reports?  
  • Finished: 4-Ply Silk and Brocade Paneled Top

    silk and brocade The genesis for my latest Mood Fabrics top was an article I saw on Style.com in July about how this shade of caramel was so hot. I immediately ran upstairs to the silk department at Mood NYC, searching through bolt after bolt until I found this lovely 4-ply silk in the perfect shade. (Have you ever worn or sewn 4-ply silk? It's a winner on both fronts, and so addictive you'll be drooling for an entire wardrobe of 4-ply tops and pants.) Originally I thought I'd make just a basic collared silk shirt, but then my mind wandered...and I ended up pairing this gray patterned brocade with it. (See, this is what happens when you work in a fabric store like Mood. You can't just be happy with one scoop any more, it has to be banana splits all the time.) I think they work well together here in this top; what do you think? Fabrics used: Caramel silk: I can't swear this online 4-ply silk crepe is exactly the same color as my silk, but it's close. Gray and copper brocade:  How cool! We have the exact cotton-blend French brocade I found in the NYC store online at MoodFabrics.com. I love when that happens! silk and brocade top For a pattern I used Vogue 8786, which is actually a dress pattern but I never let things like that stop me. I made a muslin first, and I'm glad I did because the shoulders were huge on me despite the fact that I have broad shoulders. I eliminated the center-back seam for the lower bodice but kept it for the neckline area. Truth be told, the neckline is wide enough that most people can omit the zipper and back seam completely and just pop this top over their heads. I instead chose to set off the zipper area with two bands of the brocade. silk and brocade I self-lined the upper bodice so I wouldn't have to use an ugly facing. Seams were finished by pressing open, then stitching and pinking the seam allowances (hand overcasting the armscye seam). Sorry for all the wrinkles showing in the photos above. I wore this top to work on Tuesday when I took these photos, and I couldn't find Mood's steamer for a quick de-wrinkling before my photo shoot. But you can see that one of the nice things about 4-ply is that it really doesn't wrinkle that much. (And it feels like heaven to wear!) When I wore this top, I paired it with my black ankle pants and high-heeled leather sandals that are the same shade as the silk. Plus a big gold necklace. It also works well with jeans. Next up: A silk "sweatshirt" using this Milly top as inspiration. Whatcha making?!
  • Mood DIY: Sequined Backless Crop Top Inspired by Rihanna

    So love it or hate, Rihanna has had some serious style in the past few years that makes her stand out on even the most casual of days.  I recently spotted a glitter backless crop top Rihanna wore in London to watch her brother spin some tunes (he's a rapper who DJ's), and I was all over it.  I took to Mood for a yard of sequined/shell fabric (sans the disco ball glow), and immediately got to work....and I gotta say, after wearing this shirt for the very first time, it's definitely a head turner. Sequined Backless Crop Top Inspired by Rihanna 1

    Sequined Backless Crop Top Inspired by Rihanna 2

    SUPPLIES: Sequined/shell fabric (I got 1 yard at Mood Fabrics' store in NYC, but you can buy online from Mood here), garment with sleeves you like, needle and thread, 1 hook and eye, pen, spray adhesive (you can grab at Mood too), tape measure, straight pins, scissors, sewing machine, and a pattern (I tweaked one, I got from this site).

    Sequined Backless Crop Top Inspired by Rihanna 3BHOW-TO: 1. Print out crop-top tank pattern from this site, lay it all out, and tape it together. 2. Cut out the pattern for the front and the back of the tank (you'll add your sleeves later). 3. Double up the fabric, and lay out your form for the front and the back of the top along the fold. 4. Pin these 2 forms down to your fabric (pictured is the back of the top, I moved it in from the fold about a 1/4 inch to make room for the seam allowance on both sides of the open back that you'll cut open later). 5. I wanted my neck a little higher in the back, so I used the scoop of a shirt I had and marked it with a pen. 6. Cut out the front and back. 7. Right sides facing together, pin your top together at the shoulders. 8. Next, place pieces on your machine and sew the shoulders together. 9. Get ready to create your darts -- turn front over to the wrong side.  Now, the one on the pattern is below the arm hole (the yellow arrow), but I tried the shirt on to test it out, and they looked better in the chest area (indicated by the red triangle). 10. Pin your darts and sew them (this is how mine looked -- I marked them out again by the red triangle). 11. Right sides facing each other, pin the sides together and sew the right and left sides of the top together. 12. Turn shirt on the correct side, and place it face down.  You see the neck hole? Mine was 9 inches across. I cut that number in half (4.5 inches), and placed a straight pin directly in the center. I then followed that up by placing pins along that line, all the way down to the bottom of the shirt.

    Sequined Backless Crop Top Inspired by Rihanna 4A

    HOW-TO CONT'D: 13. Using those straight pins you just placed as a guide, cut the shirt in half (just the back panel). 14. I was having a bit of trouble getting sleeves exactly how I wanted, so I thought "why recreate the wheel," and grabbed a dress from the closet, whose sleeves I liked and copied those. 15. Okay, this next part was a little tedious and I had sequins EVERYWHERE...but doing this next step REALLY made the garment look polished.  I cut JUST THE SEQUINS in a row just a little over 1/4 inch on all the raw edges of the top (ie bottom of both sleeves, along the neck line, along the bottom of the shirt, and along the left and right sides of the open back flap). I do it this way, because if you just sew a regular hem, you'll catch half of a sequin here and there and it will look jagged. So you remove them to make it look neat. 16. Here's what one of the sleeves looks like laying flat with just the sequins removed along the bottom edge. 17.Take one of your sleeves and fold it in half, right sides facing. Pin it to about 2.5 inches in from the edge that will go unattached from the body of the shirt. 18. Sew the area of the sleeve you just pinned. 19. Turn the top onto the wrong side.  Place one sleeve inside the top, but make sure the right side of the shirt is facing the right side of this sleeve -- pin it in place. 20. Now sew the sleeve onto the top. 21. You're almost done! Okay, so we can't leave the un-sequined raw edges of the top unfinished. To hem them, now that the sequins are gone, it's super easy. Lay the top down on some paper and smooth all the loose threads in the downward direction.  Spray adhesive on to just the bottom edge of the shirt, trying to avoid the sequins themselves if you can. (Note: This captures the loose ends of the thread so they stop unraveling and the sequins won't keep falling off). 22. Fold back all raw edges and hem these edges with straight pins. 23. I opted to hand stitch the hem in place on all raw edges (i.e. the neckline, sleeves, both back flaps, and the bottom of the shirt). 24. Last step, at the top of the back flap, hand stitch a hook and eye on either side as your closure. Congrats, you're done! Wear your eye-catching top proudly!

    Sequined Backless Crop Top Inspired by Rihanna 5

    Brandhyze Stanley is the chief voice of Frugal-nomics.com; a platform designed to share with women how to live and look fabulous on a dime. A DIY girl at heart—Brandhyze has been featured on The View, The Early Show, The Today Show, InStyle Magazine, Essence Magazine, and MTVStyle. A Wilhelmina Model for nearly a decade, with a Business Degree from Loyola University Chicago, Brandhyze is a Fashion & Style Writer and former Video Contributor for Newsday Westchester, and provides DIY content to the popular How-To Site, eHow. Brandhyze is a huge thrifter and a lover of all good deals, follow her on Twitter @MyFrugalnomics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/Frugalnomics.

  • Finished: Placement Print Tunic from Thakoon Silk

    Inspiration: Boldly printed silk shirts by Erdem, Just Cavalli and Etro. Available at Net-a-Porter. Inspiration: Boldly printed silk shirts by Erdem, Just Cavalli and Etro. Available at Net-a-Porter.

    What is it about the warmer weather that makes me go a little cray-cray over prints? Once the temperature gets above 60 degrees I shed my blacks and neutrals and flock to bold prints and colors. This is bound to have something to do with spending my formative years in color-saturated, perpetually warm places like Los Angeles, New Orleans and Dallas.

    So when we got in these gorgeous Thakoon silk prints at Mood Fabrics, of course I had to nab some for myself. I went to Style.com and took a look at how the designer himself used these prints in his spring 2012 collection, and really liked his shirts and the way he mixed prints and colorways. Blatant rip-off time!

    Thakoon-top-side-view The gold colorway is a luscious, 4-ply silk crepe, and the black colorway is silk crepe de chine. Both are still available at MoodFabrics.com, but don't wait long to order as our stock is getting low. Thakoon-top-front I made this shirt from a circa 1980’s Simplicity pattern I bought on Etsy, combining the long and short versions to make my bi-level top. It’s blousy and tunic-y, which is the easy summer look I was going for. Plus, a loose fit means fitting time can be minimized. I’m a sew-and-go kind of girl these days! Construction was easy and straightforward. Where I spent the most time was in determining print placement. You can see with big paisleys like these that it’s gonna make a difference where you place your pattern. I relied heavily on fashion images showing how Thakoon placed the prints himself. Thakoon-top-back-view Thakoon-top-detail Bottom line: I like this top/tunic. It’s a really bold print for me but it works well with jeans and heels. More silk tops to come!
  • Made It: Silk Top à la DVF

    Sewing inspiration: I thought something like the DVF top shown above would be the perfect top for the warmer months. It looks breezy-cool to wear and like a breeze to sew. I mean seriously, who wants to be inside sewing on a warm spring or summer day? Not me, so that's why I gravitate toward fast and simple projects from May through August. Pattern: Butterick 5463 is a basic tunic pattern that comes close to the unstructured-ness of the DVF inspiration top. I tried View D, with the elbow-length sleeves, and shortened the sleeves and the bodice length. Fabric: Bright green silk crepe de chine from our store in NYC. Have I mentioned how much I love silk crepe de chine? I swear it's one of the most versatile fabrics out there. It makes great tops, pants, flowing skirts and linings, and it's easier (I think) to work with than silk charmeuse. We have silk crepe de chine in all colors in our NYC and LA stores, and tons more at Moodfabrics.com. Finished top:
    Butterick 5463 in green silk crepe de chine; paired with a turquoise necklace.
    I love it when minimal effort delivers maximum results. The finished top was easy to sew, fits me perfectly, and the color is flattering and looks fantastic with jeans of all colors, especially white. I'm calling it the "Ann top," after Ann in our silk department. (Originally I was going to make this out of a gray silk crepe de chine, but Ann persuaded me to go with the green and I'm so glad she did.) Do you have any favorite top patterns for the spring and summer? Have you ever made a top out of silk crepe de chine? Leave a comment here because we'd love to hear from you!

    • • • • • • • • • •

    Save 15% on Mother's Day gift cards! If I didn't already work here I'd want my family to get me a gift card from Mood Fabrics for Mother's day. Seriously, what a great gift for fabric-holics like us. Hurry, the fifteen percent savings on online gift cards only lasts until this Thursday, 11:59 pm ET. (Online only; not available in stores.)