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ultra suede

  • Halloween DIY

    Halloween is upon us once again! It is the time to escape reality and transcend into anything or anyone we want to be, even if it is just for the night. With Halloween costume super stores selling your fantasy by the package, your vision is not always what you had imaged it to be and most likely you will run into a look alike more than once in one night. The only way to live out your fantasy every inch as perfect as you imagined it to be is to ultimately do it yourself. And though you may run into a few people that may resemble you that night, they all seem like knock-offs compared to your one of a kind. Popular costumes this year range from storybook imaginary best friends to the one and only King of Pop. Whatever your fantasy is, Mood Fabrics has just what you need to make all your Halloween dreams come true. wild-things First comes from the popular movie Where the Wild Things Are. The popular and lovable character of Carol is sure to be a favorite for all ages alike this Halloween. With a little bit of faux fur and a great mask, you are ready to go!!! The great added bonus for this costume is the fact that you will stay warm all night long.

    Mood Fabric dog

    The next, which is always popular and always fun, is Pocahontas. The best example of this DIY is demonstrated by Swatch, the Mood Fabrics mascot. His version isn’t exactly practical for humans but we can however use his great sense of style to create a look that is practical and stylish. Just use a little bit of ultra suede along with a cool trim such as feather or fringe to create an easy yet stylish Pocahontas costume!!! michael_jackson_shiny1246260745 And last but not least, this Halloween many will pay tribute to the one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Michael had many great outfits to choose from. The most memorable would be his embellished bandleader jackets, pants with white socks, and the staple white glove. Get creative with this costume. Spruce up any blazer with a little metallic fringe, sequin, and some fancy buttons to create your own one of a kind Michael Jackson look. Whatever look you go for this Halloween season remember to be CREATIVE and have FUN because that is what this Holiday is all about!!!