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  • Favorite Fabric Friday: Ann

    Welcome to “Favorite Fabric Friday,” where we introduce you to a Mood Fabrics salesperson in our NYC store and share his or her favorite fabrics of the week. This week we're visiting with Ann Morin of the NYC store's silk department. Ann is one of my favorite people to go to when I'm looking for a dazzling print or a cool new fabric because she has a great eye. Let's take a look at her fabric picks for the week:

    Here's Ann with a beautiful coppery metallic brocade in a poly blend (60" wide, $50/yd). You can see that either side is stunning. Ann says she'd make a sixties-style bolero, using the contrast tissue solid lamé on the left (45", $7/yd) for the welt pockets, piping and Hong Kong seams. Readers, this lightweight brocade is a knockout and I may have to nab some for myself.

    Of course Ann gravitated toward the new Valentino silk panel that just came into the store on Wednesday—it's spectacular! She'd make it into a strapless summer dress. $70 per yard and each panel takes approximately 1.5 yards.

    Ann is just the best at finding to-die-for silk prints. Here she's pulled three Oscar de la Renta silks. The green/blue/white/black print on the left is a drapey 4-ply silk (45" wide, $25/yd); center, another colorway of the first fabric but in magenta silk twill (45" wide, $18/yd); and the one on the right is a red crepe de chine (45" wide, $14/yd). Can't make it to our NYC store? Shop Mood Fabrics online. Our silk prints are currently on sale through Saturday 5/19, 11:59pm ET. More about Ann:
    • A member of the Mood team for just under a year
    • Has a BA in costume design from San Francisco State
    • True passion is millinery and is getting her millinery certificate from FIT. Her goal is to move to London and get her masters in millinery from the Royal College of Art or the London College of Fashion
    • Finds loads of inspiration in all the fabrics at Mood
    • Loves it when customers show her photos of their finished creations. "It's so cool when their projects turn out well and I played a part in that," Ann says

    • • • • • •

    Phew, it's been a busy week here at Mood! We got all that great new fabric in (blogged about it yesterday), we're organizing focus groups, and more than 100 members of PatternReview will be in the NYC store today and Saturday. Love the excitement! But I was so busy I forgot to think about what to sew this weekend. What are you working on? I need some ideas for what to sew next and  you can definitely inspire me. —Meg at Mood
  • Exciting new designer fabrics at Mood

    Excuse my gushing, but we just got in a huge shipment of SPECTACULAR  fabric from top tier designers. Does the thought of sewing with fabric from names like Valentino, Etro, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni make your heart beat a little faster? It does mine. Take a look at these photos I snapped at our warehouse yesterday:

    How about some Valentino and Pucci prints...
    Or Roberto Cavalli...
    Maybe a vivid print from Etro...
    Or a pop Pucci panel (say hello to Nour from our warehouse)...
    And look at all this French lace we acquired.
    Look at all these genuine Missoni knits...
    Recognize this name? We just got in loads of buttons and trim from Oscar de la Renta.

    These very fabrics and trims AND LOADS MORE are on their way from our warehouse to our NYC and LA stores and website (many have already made it to the NYC store). I wanted you to have the first look, dear readers. These will go fast, I can tell.

    Question for you: Have you ever sewn something from designer fabric? Some of the "designer" things I've made are a Meg/Oscar de la Renta silk top, a Meg/Bill Blass brocade jacket and a Meg/Marc Jacobs wool coat.  I personally like being able to flaunt a designer name when asked about a particular fabric, but that's me. Does having fabric with a designer pedigree matter to you? Leave a comment here and let us know!