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Posted on November 27, 2019 by Lee Norris

Accessories can make or break an outfit. So what better way to make sure they're perfect than to make them yourself? The Adonis Accessories free sewing pattern features an easy to sew corset belt, lovely in faux leather over a crisp white shirting, as well as an adorably simple fanny pack. Pair either of them with our DIY applique earrings or chainmail clutch for a holiday look that's sure to impress, or make one of each in your friends' favorite styles for Christmas gifts that everyone is sure to love!


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The Corset Belt

The corset belt goes together in a flash. Simply cut 2 of each piece, mirrored. Attach them like you see below, folding the seam allowance toward the back of the belt and top-stitching into place. At the center back seam, I press the seam allowance outward for the sake of symmetry.

Do the same with the lining and then attach the two, faces together, with a length of ring ribbon sandwiched in between along each center front edge. Sew around the perimeter, leaving about 3" open somewhere to turn it right side out. Clip your seam allowance at the corners, flip right side out, and edge-stitch around the entire belt.


The Chainmail Clutch

The chainmail clutch goes together even faster than the belt! Simply lay your rectangle of chainmail on a flat surface. I made mine about 35"x20", but you can make yours bigger or smaller depending on your clutch size and how much overhang you'd like.

Get a flat, rectangular clutch and spread some E6000 on one side. Place a little less than halfway down your chainmail, leacing 1/2" on one side, like you see below. Add some glue to the opposite side and fold your chainmail over. No glue needs to be placed on the bottom of the clutch, that way the chainmail remains loose so your bag can still open.

Lastly, glue the small 1/2" edges of chainmail onto the sides of your clutch.


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The Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is a bit more complex, but it's so worth it.

Sew your upper sides to either side of your zipper. On the closed end of your zipper, sew your lower side to the upper, short edge to short edge. I top-stitched this into place for some extra security.

Pin and sew the sides to the front oval of your bag, folding back the raw edge of your lower side to overlap slightly over your zipper pull.

Create two back straps and stitch them onto the back oval of your bag. Add the back portion onto the sides of your fanny pack and it's ready to slide onto any belt in your wardrobe!


The Applique Earrings

These earrings are beyond easy, and can look super chic with one of Mood's beaded appliques, or absolutely adorable with their endless patches.

Simply sew earring hooks into the top of each applique. Trace your applique or patch onto your swatch of felt, cut the felt out and use a little E6000 to glue the felt onto the back of your piece. This provides a bit more stability and cleans up the back of your patch if it has any threads or adhesive showing.

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Which one are you going to be trying out? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to tag all of your makes with #MadeWithMood on Instagram!

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