The Arbor Skort - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on August 29, 2022 by Elisabeth Moore
free skort sewing pattern

Yoga pants and joggers are probably what the majority of us wear to workout in.  But what about the skort; the unsung hero of athleisure! I bet the mere mention of a skort has most of us seeing flashbacks of running around the schoolyard.  But, you can’t deny their versatility and functionality!  Adults are catching on and the skort is finally having its moment in the world of athleisure. So why not sew your very own using our Arbor Skort free sewing pattern? We even included a pocket for your phone!  I love the idea of turning this into a workout set with a matching top that can also double as swimwear. Hiking, swimming, jogging, walking, yoga, tennis, you name the activity and there’s an Arbor Skort that can be made for it! 

free skort sewing pattern
free skort sewing pattern

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All seam allowances are ⅜”, and hem allowances are ⅝”.

A few notes before you get started:

  • Because this fabric has stretch, I used a walking foot attachment.
  • For the hems, waistband attachment, and the pocket, I used Heat & Bond Soft Stretch Lite. I’d highly recommend using it, or another stabilizing tape if you’re sewing with a stretch fabric!
  • This fabric doesn’t fray, so I used a single fold hem.

How to sew the shorts:

free skort sewing pattern

1. Place the front short piece to the back short piece. Notches aligned, sew the outer leg seam. Because this is a stretch fabric, I used a straight stretch stitch. I also topstitched for extra reinforcement. Repeat on the other leg.

free skort sewing pattern

2. Press the pocket edges down according to the guidelines on the pattern. I used the soft stretch adhesive here. Press the top down with more adhesive, and sew ⅝”. 

free skort sewing pattern

3. Choose the side you want the pocket to go on. Align it with the pocket markings you transferred during the pattern cutting process. If you’re using adhesive, iron the pocket onto the shorts. Topstitch the edges of the pocket.

4. Sew up the inseam of each leg. Topstitch if desired.

free skort sewing pattern
free skort sewing pattern

5. Right sides together, align notches and put one leg into the other. Sew up the rise, and then topstitch.

free skort sewing pattern
free skort sewing pattern

6. Hem the shorts. Use the adhesive before sewing for a clean look, as pictured above.

How to sew the skirt:

1. Right sides together, sew up each side of the skirt. Topstitch and hem.

2. Place the right side of the shorts inside the skirt. Make sure the fronts are on the same side, and the side seams are aligned. Sew along the top edge to secure the two together before we put the waistband on.

How to sew the waistband:

free skort sewing pattern

1. Right sides together, sew the top edge of the front waistband. Repeat with the back waistband.

2. Unfold the front and back waistband pieces. Place them right sides together and sew each short end so that you now have a closed waistband.

Attaching the waistband to the skort:

1. Unfold and place the front waistband to the front of the skort, right sides together. Align edges and side seams, using the adhesive to secure it. Repeat on the back. Sew together.

free skort sewing pattern

2. Fold the waistband at its top seam. Topstitch the outer facing waistband, catching the inner band as pictured above.

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