The Avelia Bomber Jacket - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Shavonne Cruz
free bomber jacket sewing pattern

From Prada to Calvin Klein, reflective fabrics have made a huge impact on the runways for Fall 2018. When thinking of reflective garments, you tend to imagine safety uniforms, but we’ve gone way beyond the standard utilitarian purpose with our Avelia Bomber! Here, fashion meets function with this mesmerizing eye-catching textile! As always,  Mood Designer Fabrics has this amazing rainbow colored reflective fabric that will surely get you noticed! The way the light reflects and bounces off this fabric is almost magical. With iridescent hues of purple and green, this would pair nicely with solid black knit stretch pants or maybe a black knit Ponte jumpsuit! 

Not only will you get noticed, but you'll also spark up several conversations wearing this Avelia Bomber. The jacket is fully lined and its fluorescent properties will look amazing with every move you make. Cute details like the faux zip pocket and green rib knit are just icing on the cake! Imagine wearing this on a night out with your girls! Or how about a weekend shopping trip in the city? Whether you're out sporting this beauty during day or night, just make sure you stop and take a few selfies; some cool street art would make an awesome backdrop!  

free bomber jacket sewing pattern

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

First let's assemble the lining:

  1. With right sides together, pin back pieces together and sew at the center back seam. Open and press seam allowance.
  2. With right sides together, pin back to front at sides and sew. Open and press seam allowances.
  3. With right sides together, pin back to front at shoulders and sew. Open and press seam allowances.

Next, let's baste stitch and set in our sleeves:

  1. With a basting stitch, sew along the cap of the sleeve between notches as shown. Slightly pulling on the thread from both ends, gather and smooth the cap creating ease. This will help set the sleeve in much nicer.  
  2. With right sides facing in, fold sleeve matching notches and pin. Stitch along the edge. Press seam allowance.
  3. With right sides together, set in sleeve and pin in place. Stitch sleeve, and press seam allowance. (Set aside lining for later).

Moving on to our main fabric:

  1. Follow steps as above for the lining. Make sure to press seams open and flat. For this fabric, you are going to use a very low setting-press lightly to avoid burning.
  2. Right sleeve: Here we are going to add the faux pocket with zip detail. First, we will create a self-drafted guide and facing to mark the placement of your zipper. The zipper we are using is 4.5”. Measure the length of your zipper and the width then add ½” on each side. Draw a center fold line down the middle of this guide to mark where you will cut. Use this guide to cut 2 pieces from your main fabric. One piece will be used as your facing/guide and the other piece you will use to attach the zipper. Once you have your pieces cut out, you can mark where you would like to place the zipper. Measure down about 4” from the top of the sleeve cap and pin your zipper to mark placement. Pin facing with the right side up and stitch along the stitching line. Fold facing in half and make a small incision on the center cut line. Lay flat and continue cutting through the center. Make small angled incisions from the center to all four corners, but not clipping past the stitch line. Turn in facing and press flat. Pin zipper to the other piece of the fabric guide and stitch into place. Place faux pocket opening over the zipper and stitch to the sleeve as shown. Continue steps as above with basting the sleeve cap for ease. Pin sleeves at sides and stitch. Set in sleeve and stitch to finish.

  1. Bottom rib hem (4 pieces): Right sides together, pin 1 set of bands together at side and stitch. Do this for both sets. Now attach both sets of rib hems together and stitch together as one continuous piece.
  2. Now attach the jacket to the bottom rib hem. Line up the rib with jacket bottom at the back seam and side seams. Pin and sew.

  1. Attach lining: With right sides together, match lining at the bottom edge, again matching back and side seams. The rib should be sandwiched in between as shown. Pin and sew.  
  2. Turn up the lining and start to place inside the jacket. Push sleeves through and lay jacket flat as shown.

  1. Zipper placket: With right sides together, pin placket together and stitch along the edge as shown. Stitch across the bottom and turn right side out then press. Place zipper right side up and pin left side of the zipper to placket along placket as shown. Unzip and set the right side of the zipper aside. Stitch zipper in place. With right sides together, pin zipper placket to the right side of the jacket and sew. Pin right side of the separating zipper to Jacket at left side and stitch. Make sure bottom edge is aligned when zipped closed.

  1. Attach knit cuffs to the outer jacket: With right sides together pin knit cuffs at seams and stitch. Attach cuffs to outer sleeve openings with right sides facing. Match cuffs to side seam to sleeve seam and pin. Make sure to stretch the knit as you sew, fitting it into place.
  2. Now we can attach the lining to the sleeve opening and cuffs. With right sides of fabric together, matching seams, pin the lining to the sleeve opening sandwiching the knit cuff in between as shown. Sitch and pull sleeve through jacket with lining.

  1. Collar: With right sides of rib collar together, match notches, and sew along the edge as shown. Leaving the lining free, pin collar to jacket at neck opening matching notches and sew. Pin the lining to the neck sandwiching the rib knit between the outer jacket as shown. Turn under the bottom of the knit collar making sure the seam allowances are hidden. Pin in place and top stitch along the edge.

  1. Finish the sleeves by turning up the cuffs and sewing in place. Turn up the bottom hem edge and pin and sew in place to finish, and you're done!

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