The Callisia Cover-Up - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on July 1, 2019 by Shavonne Cruz

It’s time to head to the beach in style, so grab your sunscreen and don’t forget to bring your cover-up! Our Callisia Cover-Up free sewing pattern is so versatile since there are countless ways to wear it. At full-length, with double-puff bishop sleeves, it drapes beautifully over any swimsuit or pair of jeans. This breathtaking semi-sheer cotton will keep you cute and cool as you sit by the pool! Looking for fabric options with drape? While I used Mood's exclusive Ishvara's Wisdom floral cotton voile for my cover-up, try using silk chiffon or poly charmeuse for a version that will truly flow. How do you plan on styling your Callisia Cover-Up? Let us know!

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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

Here's how to sew: (I suggest using French seams for durability)

First, attach the front bodice to the back at the side and shoulder seams.

Next, using a basting stitch, gather the waist.

Next, we can work on the bottom skirt.

Pin the back skirt panels together and stitch.

Then attach the front skirt panels at the side seams.

Pin the top bodice and the bottom skirt together at the waist seam and stitch. Finish by using a French seam.

We'll add on the waistband detail later.

After you press your French seam at the waist, pin the back neckband and front neckband pieces together along the entire length.

Now we can assemble the sleeves. On the upper sleeve, use a basting stitch to slightly gather the cap.

Next, sew the sleeve along the inseam. Use a basting stitch to gather the bottom edge of the upper sleeve.

On the lower sleeve, you are going to sew down the inseam first, then gather the bottom edge as shown.

Next, attach the lower sleeve to the upper sleeve using the sleeve band. You will need two pieces for each side. Once sewn together, you will create the casing for the elastic.

Use your sleeve band pattern as a guide to cut your elastic. Cut it about 1- 1.5" shorter than your pattern.

Make sure to leave a small opening in the casing to insert your elastic.

Once you have the elastic in, you can top stitch along the edge to close.

To finish the sleeves, all you have to do now is add the cuff. Sew each cuff piece at the side seams and sew.

Pin the cuff to the sleeve opening and sew all the way around. Next, fold in the cuff facing and topstitch along the inside to finish.

Now, pin your neck facing all the way around the front opening and sew.

Attach your waistband pieces at the side seams and sew. Press all seam allowances inward. Now pin your waistband directly over the waist and topstitch it in place.

All that's left to do is hem the bottom edge!

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